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Sen. Susan Collins is tooting her own horn

It's not surprising that Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is trying to get the word out there that she has a perfect voting record and is comparing herself with the late great Senator Margaret Chase Smith (Susan is no Margaret Chase Smith, but like Bush, Susan lives in LaLa Land). Of course she would do that because she knows damn well for a good part of her second term in the US Senate, she has voted along party lines, which means she was one of the cheerleaders of Bush's policies and his appointments. She doesn't want you to think about that, though. She wants you to walk away with the image that she has shown up for attendence over the years and is hoping that you'll vote her back in 2008 and give her a medal for being such a loyal senator to the people of Maine. Uh huh. Sorry Susan.

Remember in high school when there was one kid who would brag that he or she never missed a day of school but forgot to tell you despite this their grades stunk? Well, that's Susan Collins in a nutshell. Yes, she's shown up for work everyday, but her voting record clearly shows in the past few years that she wasn't studying hard enough and spent too much time looking in the mirror congratulating herself for being a good little girl who never missed a day!

Last week, she stood behind Bush as he signed into the law the new Postal Service Bill, which is an overhaul of the system. Of course, if you read the fine print, basically this bill will allow the robbing of it's fund to help pay up the US Treasury! Think Susan Collins would rather take money out of the hands of the top 5% of this country who don't need it to help out the US Treasury or maybe defund the Iraq occupation? Nope! She would rather rob poor-Peter to pay Paul.

Highlights of Senator Collins' postal reform bill are as follows:

*Replaces the current lengthy and litigious rate-setting process with a rate cap-based structure for market-dominant products such as First-Class Mail, periodicals and library mail. Price changes for market-dominant products would be subject to a 45-day prior review period by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). Under the compromise agreement, after 10 years from enactment, the PRC would have the authority to modify or adopt an alternate system if found to be necessary.

*Grants the Postal Service Board of Governors the authority to set rates for competitive products like Express Mail and Priority Mail, as long as these prices do not result in cross subsidy from market-dominant products. Establishes a 30-day prior review period during which the proposed rate changes shall be reviewed by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

*Introduces new safeguards against unfair competition by the Postal Service in competitive markets. Subsidization of competitive products by market-dominant products would be expressly forbidden, and an appropriate allocation of institutional costs to competitive products would be required.

*Transforms the existing Postal Rate Commission into the Postal Regulatory Commission with greatly enhanced authority to ensure that the Postal Service management has greater latitude and stronger oversight. Among other things, the Postal Regulatory Commission will have the authority to regulate rates for non-competitive products and services; ensure financial transparency; establish limits on the accumulation of retained earnings by the Postal Service; obtain information from the Postal Service, if need be, through the use of new subpoena power; and review and act on complaints filed by those who believe the Postal Service has exceeded its authority.

*Requires the Postal Service to file with the Postal Regulatory Commission certain Securities and Exchange Commission financial disclosure forms, along with detailed annual reports on the status of the Postal Service's pension and postretirement health obligations in order to ensure increased financial transparency.

*Reaffirms USPS employees' right to collectively bargain. This bill only makes changes to the bargaining process that have been agreed to by both the Postal Service and the four major unions. It replaces the rarely used fact-finding process with mediation, and shortens statutory deadlines for certain phases of the bargaining process.

*Puts into place a three-day waiting period before an employee is eligible to receive 45 days of continuation of pay. This is consistent with every state's workers' compensation program that requires a three- to seven-day waiting period before benefits are paid.

*Repeals a provision of Public Law 108-18 that required money owed to the Postal Service due to an overpayment into the Civil Service Retirement System Fund to be held in an escrow account, which would essentially "free up" $78 billion over a period of 60 years. These savings would be used not only to pay off debt to the U.S. Treasury but also to fund health care liabilities, and mitigate rate increases.

*Returns to the Department of Treasury the responsibility for funding CSRS pension benefits relating to the military service of postal retirees. No other agency is required to make this payment.
Sounds wonderful, but does Sen. Susan Collins know that Bush has issued his own Executive Order basically saying he can construe anything he wants in this bill? [crickets chirping] Will Susan hold a press conference stating that she is not happy that the president is not recognizing her hard work on this bill for the past 3 years? [crickets chirping] She's a cheerleader for Bush, so I'm sure she's been using her time over vacation to come up with a new cheerleading routine to impress her 'coach'.

Sen. Susan Collins can toot her horn all she wants, but her record clearly shows that she is in lock step with the most vile presidency our nation has ever witnessed. She voted for the (un-Patriotic) Patriot Act, she threw Habaes Corpus down the drain for Americans, she says she is pro-choice but couldn't wait to show up that day to cast her vote for anti-Roe v. Wade, Judge Samuel Alito, and hasn't seen a tax cut bill to help out the top 1-5% of this country she didn't like! Oh yes....she's showing up for work, but it's what she is doing while she is there that needs to be looked at!!!!

At this point, Collins could literally save an old lady from being hit by a car, while feeding a homeless person while doing it and I still would not vote for Susan Collins in 2008. She will not get my vote no matter how hard she toots her horn!!!

its not how many times you vote.

its how you vote.
and the Beat Goes On ; (
Exactly Chris, but Ms. Susan wants us to be proud of her for showing up everytime. Who the hell cares!!! It's how she's been voting that is important to us (which is what you said, Chris).

And Coffee Messiah? Yep, the beat goes on for sure. It never ends with these asswipes in the House & Senate. ;-)
Do ya think the Nov elections have her a little nervous? Ha! Oh, would I love to see Collins voted out! Her and every other sycophant who has enabled this criminal gov't. I really appreciate this post. I'm so busy keeping an eye on my present state reps that I've lost track of my former ones (ex-Mainer here), but I have noticed that Olympia Snow nearly always holds her vote until the very end, way past the 'S' names...waiting until she knows how the vote is going, is my guess. It's a minor point, but whoa! does that piss me off.
I've noticed that too Mirtha about Olympia and it freaking bothers me! I've seen her yell out 'nay' or 'yea' and then the Senators around her chuckling. In other words, she is just playing games with her votes (she watches and if the repukes don't need her help...she'll vote the opposite). Spit. I can't stand her or Collins. They're the same except one wears a jockstrap. LOL
susan collins is always nervous.

she is like a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs.
Susan Collins must toot her own horn since there is noone else stupid or desperate enough nto do it for her.
Exactly Larry. She knows she is going down and doesn't have the popularity that Olympia does, so she is working hard to get the impression out there that she's been a good little girl. Oh for the love of the Banana Cupcakes... Spit.
i bet she toots her own horn a lot if you know what i mean.

i dont think anyone has tooted her horn in a long time.
LMAO Chris!!!!! Exactly right. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Nice to get the nod from Joe in D.C. Congratulations!
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