Thursday, January 18, 2007


Anyone notice I was gone?

For the last five or so days I've had computer problems. What started out as possibly being a toasted hard drive (definately part of it for sure) ended up being a fiasco. When the Firedog guys installed the new hard drive on my computer everything seemed to be running smoothly. As they were re-installing the applications/drivers etc. the screen suddenly went black. They told me that it's possibly a video card but wanted me to give them time to look at it for them to be sure. So, I came in last night to see what they had found. The tech I had been dealing with had just reported to work, so he said to me that he was going to install a new video card free of charge so I could have my computer back. He installed it and the screen remained black. Oh for the love of the Banana Cupcakes!!! All the techs determined that the motherboard was shot. After much discussion about it, I decided to not put anymore money in this old computer and decided to buy a newer better one.

I now have a new computer and will be getting rid of dial-up at the end of next week to increase my Internet experience. Getting rid of AOL will be my greatest pleasure!!! I am so looking forward to it!!

I've missed all of you and can't wait to get back into the swing of things. One thing I did notice during the last few days of not having the Internet is the brainwashing by the ROM (republican owned media). It is unbelievable! They truly talk about nothing and if you didn't have any other source to get your news from you would literally think there wasn't an illegal occupation going on and you would think the republicans are the trusted party in our government now. Stunning to me that the media is pulling apart all of the democrat's pieces of legislation in the past few days! Where were these same media people over the past six years when the republicans were playing their games? Oh that's right....turning the other cheek. It's so sick what is happening on our televisions. Thank the Spaghetti Monster for Keith Olbermann and in a small way....Joe Scarborough (yes, he's a right winger, but he's been taking a more neutral position in the last few days that I can see.)!!!

I'm happy to be back! Woohoo!

Only pussboy..he was inconsolable .....LOL

Just kidding, I did notice but thought you were just raising your standards, and had decided to quit slumming with us here......LOL

Hope the new computer works out and you can get back to verbally kicking the reichwingnut in the gonads....
The fact that Bushboy even noticed I was gone makes my skin crawl right off my body Clif!!! I did miss you and Larry a lot. ;-)

Clif we are the high standard of blogging. Don't ever forget that!

Going to work.
no (-:
Kay I was being facetious,well maybe just a little snarky also .....

Its about time. Poor Clif and Rocky have been fighting trolls, and Rocky had two to fight off.
I'm glad you're back too Kay :)
I'm not sure I'm glad to be back knowing the trolls have been frothing at the mouth and spreading rabies on my blog. Ewwwwwwww.

Smoke, you are so darn cute. Have I mentioned that lately? ;-)

Ms. Clause....get back to work silly girl!!!! I'll see you around town to find out how your new man is doing. ;-)
I hate computer problems
Nice to have you back, Sweetheart... been gone a while, myself.

But, like taxes and Busboy,(and all other things unpleasant!) I'm ba-a-a-a-c-ck!

Let 'er buck!
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