Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Behind Every Great Man

It is said that behind every great man stands a woman. Every great man in history had a woman behind him to console him in times of difficulty, to advise him when he can trust noone else, and to encourage him to not give up.

George Washington had Martha behind him in his drive to greatness. Abe Lincoln had Mary Todd standing behind him as he made the historic choice to bring equality to all Americans.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had Eleanor standing strongly behind him as he brought the country out of the pit of despair into the greatness it soon became.

Today there is a woman who stands proudly behind her man as he makes those "tough decisions." This woman has been there into the wee hours of the night, saying you can do it, you can make it happen.

This woman has no ability to be articulate. This woman has no ability to negotiate successful deals. This woman has no ability to make wise decisions. This woman has failed in everything she has tried to do.

As this woman stands proudly behind her man with eyes of adoration, with the determination of a bulldog, with the wisdom that has quietly guided her man to where he is today, it is safe to assume that her man is in his current state because of the woman behind the man.

The woman behind the man who has guided him to what he has become today, the woman who has advised, consoled, and brought much comfort in the darkest of times, is known to the world simply as "Condi."

Condi is the woman behind her man George W Bush and as in history before her, the reason America is where it stands today, the reason George W Bush is where he finds himself today, is because of the "woman behind the man" Condi.

"Surge On" Condi as you stand behind your man as he brings the nation further into the gutters of war. "Surge On" Condi as you shop the marketplaces of the world looking for the "perfect jean jacket" for your man. "Surge On" Condi as you stand behind your man into the halls of evil, into the darkness of despair, into the hallows of hell.

"Surge On" Condi you are the mind behind the mindless, the clue behind the clueless, the heart behind the heartless. "Surge On" Condi, America is in the state it's in today because of the "Woman Behind the Man."

empty footprints behind me )-:
Condi is empty minded, empty voice, empty ethics and a empty hearted.

Perfect fit for Bush.

I've been thinking about this post for a while.....

For what it's worth, here's what I think;

It's not Condi who's behind Bush per se but is walking alongside him. Why? Because Condi is NOT an authoritarian follower, she's an authoritarian leader.

Condi is a double authoritarian like Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Bill Frist and Karl Rove and Tom DeLay and Pat Robertson etc.

Here's the real-life psychological traits of a double authoritarian (see how many you recognise from their speeches and behaviours);

1. dominating
2. oppose equality
3. desire personal power
4. amoral
5. intimidating and bullying
6. vengeful
7. pitiless
8. exploitative
9. dishonest
10. cheat to win
11. highly prejudiced (racist, sexist, homophobic)
12. mean-spirited
13. militant
14. nationalistic
15. tell others what they want to hear
16. take advantage of 'suckers'
17. specialise in creating false images to sell themselves
18. may or may not be religious
19. usually politically and economically conservative

Condi is NOT empty headed. This is yet more 'prejudice by association'.

Just because she's evil doesn't mean she's stupid. These erroneous links of one negative trait with another are specious and emotional. Condi has a PhD. Stupid, empty headed people do NOT obtain PhD's and I offer this fact as proof of my reasoning.

Empty ethics? YES!!!
Empty hearted? YES!!!
Empty headed? NO!!!

To know the truth you have to control your emotions.

I have no proof to offer in my next reasoning other than plausibilities and possibilities which are cumulative;

Bush (of average intelligence) has probably been manipulated by one particular person of great intelligence; Cheney. Why? Because it was Cheney who set the stage for the 43rd pResident when he stacked the Administration with neocons. Do you remember who led you in 2001?

Once 'on board', Bush will have used (or rather misused) his power to intimidate and bully others onto his Agenda. Some will have been easier to co-opt than others. Those who are double authoritarians will have agreed with Bush's Real Agenda wholeheartedly (in as much as they possess a heart).

All double authoritarians understand how to manipulate people and therefore what to say to the people of America. Especially their base.

Authoritarian followers like Busboy etc. will follow their authorities (parents -when children- military leaders, religious leaders and political leaders) because they believe the authority is undeniably correct BUT ONLY WHEN A PARTICULAR AUTHORITY IS COMPATIBLE WITH THEIR VIEWS: rather than feeling vulnerable in the presence of powerful authorities, they feel safer. They are never troubled by the execution of a prisoner and support every war the USA has ever been involved in. If something appears to go wrong, authoritarian followers will blame ANYTHING other than themselves and the leaders they follow!

So Condi knew she had support, provided she 'suckered' the gullible. That will have given her a feeling of superiority and her loyalty was rewarded by Bush twice (not for any compassionate reason but because she's 'useful' and she serves his self-interests which converge).

Larry, this is a lot more complex than 'he's stupid' or 'she's stupid' just because they behave in a manner you don't approve of or understand. I don't approve of their actions any more than you do.

NONE of them are stupid. ALL of them are of AT LEAST average intelligence, some of them like Cheney and Rice and Frist are VERY VERY intelligent - THAT'S one reason why we're all in such a mess.
I wish they really were stupid!
british gary? you can go register yourself now! What a joke...
Busboy, I'm British and I'm hailing from Britain.

Go to Lydia Cornell's blog and listen to my voice.

As you will hear for yourself, I made the telephone call from England - the radio station I rang confirmed this.
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