Thursday, January 11, 2007


Bush is definitely in Baghdad Bob territory...

George Bush is beginning to enter the territory previously held by a person from Baghdad during the initial invasion used to be known by the name of Baghdad Bob. This person denied reality even though it was plainly broadcast by major media outlets, and all he had to do was watch Television, and he would see his pronouncements were simply delusional if not totally insane. George W Bush's wishes for a pony in the guise of victory in Iraq is simply his version of an imitation of the best Baghdad Bob ever had to offer....pure delusional political propaganda disguised as the truth for domestic consumption, which has no real possibility of affecting the outcome of the fiasco Bush started.

Either Bush denies reality like Baghdad Bob, or he flat out could care less what reality is.

I vote for the latter as Bush is dead set on destroying the free world, and only the rich will be standing.
Bush is a patriot and is doing what he thinks best for America's interests LONG TERM.

He has just delivered another carefully crafted propaganda speech to delude the unintelligent authoritarian followers and barely adult-aged, naive troops. And to bolster neocons and intelligent authoritarian followers who also understand his Real Agenda.

He understands perfectly well what reality is and what is happening in the ME. He is perfectly rational. He is completely in control of the WH, Pentagon, CIA, MSM, FBI, SCOTUS, UK, NSA etc. etc.

Because he is a double authoritarian the ends justify the means so he sleeps well at night.

Get inside his head rather than trying to see things from your point of view. You'll never truly understand him unless you adopt his persona. Do this and you'll accomplish two things;

1. you'll understand him
2. you'll make yourself feel sick
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