Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Bush will speak about his tangled mess in Iraq

I'm so sick and tired of this man running the show here in America and abroad! Tonight he's going to lay out another assinine plan for Iraq and of course, he'll be forgetting to include the impact of his decisions he makes.

He's very consistent in making insane decisions for us and for the future of the Iraqi people. Hell, I don't really think he cares for either actually. His ideas are like the ones, when you're in a room full of people hashing out plans, where the room goes silent after a moron blurts out something completely ridiculous! Unfortunately, this person is now running our country and when he blurts this shit out, he has people around him that nod their heads in agreement and are too afraid to speak out against him, because they don't want to lose their freaking jobs. Disgusting. If any Americans still support this man, then please consider yourself a Hitler-sympathizer, because that is exactly what you're defending when you hail this man as your chief.

Bush wants to escalate this illegal occupation in Iraq. Irag in the last 4 years under Bush's leadership has descended into a cess pool of chaos. American troops are fighting to protect themselves everyday from the Iraqi people and those who have come into Iraq to fight us out of Iraq. The Sunnis are fighting the Shiites and the Shiites, who mostly hail from the country of Iran, are in control of Iraq pretty much. This war is already lost when you think about Iran being in control of Iraq! Oh, but you can't say to Bush, "The Iranians won this illegal occupation Bush! Time to freaking leave!". Nope. The man thinks it's better to add more motor oil to the freaking cake batter to make it tastier.

Speaking of leaving, the Saudi Arabians have stated that they would send in their own troops into Iraq if the Americans left. I think that's a great idea! I say...the money that was allotted for this occupation last year for this year should go in getting our soldiers out of Iraq as fast as they were brought in (Bush got them in there quick enough...he can get them out just as fast!), cut off the money to the American corporations that are there and who haven't done a damn thing for years now (these "security" companies can freaking use OUR money that they stole from us to get their own asses out of there too! Too bad if THEY have to fight their way out, because hey, they're only there to steal America's money under the guise of "securing Iraq in the name of democracy", so with this in mind, they should be happy to leave to give the jobs to the Iraqis, right?), and then tell the Saudis, who haven't lifted a finger for the past 4 years since Bush decided to take a bat to the Middle East bee's nest, to have at it! Let the Saudis fight this goddman mess. They've benefitted the most from this atrocious occupation, so it's about time they got physically and emotionally involved. Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudis and Osama himself hailed from there, so why not let the Saudis put themselves in harm's way then! I think it's a great idea. I wouldn't be upset either if Osama was on the frontlines either. His chances of getting a bullet between the ears will be greater than with Bush in office!

Bush's escalation of this war won't be temporary, because word has it that he wants to surge for 18 months. That's not a 'surge' or an 'escalation' Mr. Bush.....THAT'S A FRIGGIN MORONIC DESCRIPTION MADE BY SOME ASSHOLE IN THE ROOM! He's just wants future presidents to handle his TANGLED MESS that he has no idea how to fix. That's all it is. I don't think he ever thought that his fear tactics he's used over the years would result in a 2006 election loss, where the American people told him that they no longer trust his party or him or want the Iraqi occuapation to last. The American people told him that we want a swift end to this. The American people do not see how we can win over there and we certainly don't have the ego Bush does when we can admit that we've lost.

We lost an occupation. Hey, worse things could happen. We could have won the heart and mind of Osama bin Laden. Oh wait. Bush did achieve that. Everything Osama ever wanted, he got with Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq. This in itself is our demise, but you can't tell that to the moron in the room. Nope, he still thinks all his ideas are good and can't understand why everyone is just starring and blinking at him.

Stop funding this occupation and get our troops home by April and if that can't happen, then impeach the bastard without holding one freaking hearing! We already know what he's done that warrants his removal from office, but I think Americans at this point would settle for imprisonment.

Bush not only is sending more troops to Iraq, but now the dictator is threatening to attack Iran and Syria to boot.

This maniac needs stopped.
Hi honey. ;-) Yes, it's sad. I can't stand it. I wished I lived in DC because I would be down there screaming along with the protesters that are there tonight.
Can you believe him Larry? What an effing maniac he is!!!
If he can attack Somalia without telling the Congress then one of these days we are going to wake up to "combat operations have started in Iran and Syria"!!!

I effing hate his guts.
Bush wants that mideast oil and the little emperor couldn't whip Iraq who had no army, how is he going to whip Iran that loves a fight?
Kay, bush admitted they have put a second air craft carrier into the Persian Gulf region.

They want two carriers when they have plans to either severely escalate combat operations, or expand the war, especially when Israel is planning on attacking Iranian nuclear sites, possibly with Nuclear weapons.

A second carrier allows them a much enlarged air presence which is one of the US militaries larges advantages over everyone else in the region.

They want more firepower especially if they can get Iran to fire at the US or Israel in response to Israels attack.

This would allow the naval air assets to attack some targets close top Iraq in Iran at the same time Bush sends the B-2 bombers from Missouri to attack larger military and infrastructure targets in Iran.

they might be planning to enlarge the war in Iraq into a regional war including Iran, and try to get Syria to attack Israel, which would give the neo-cons the war they have always wanted. If they get it, Bush would have the ability to enlarge the military and send troops for extended deployments and try to destroy Iran and install a puppet government there, which would make the Saudis happy and force the region to accept the US as the dominate player for decades, too bad the Iranians are not going to cooperate any better than the Iraqi have.
Bush's attack on Iran will not only bring all out chaos for the troops in the mideast, but it will cripple the American economy because of oil.
Larry it will do so much more than that.

It will enrage the Iranians and Shiites, which will engulf the region into a war from Sinai to India. and draw both the Chinese and Russians into the conflagration, the Chinese because they get far too much oil from Iran, the Russians because Putin can not allow Bush ET Al to dominate the only major source of OIL left out side the Russian states.

If Bush and the neo-cons are successful the US will be able to dominate the world for the next half century, which was their plan all along, and neither Russia nor China can allow that.

He is going from an attack on a country for dubious reasons, to trying to win the war for complete control of the middle east....

It is escalation on steroids cloaked in a disguise of trying to stop the fiasco he started.
This madman just gets more delusional ans evil everyday.

He learned nothing from the elections. He has gotten his way for 6 years, so why not go all the way and stir up more war.

Bush will be the creator of WWIII
Larry that was the "plan" when he got elected, he knew that attacking the middle east, trying to overthrow Saddam to create a base to launch attacks on Iran and Syria, would by the nature of real politic is gonna at some point bring his policy into direct conflict with bot China and Russia, which is the reason in 2002 China Russia agreed on the Shanghai convention, which now includes Pakistan and Iran.

Bush is betting the entire farm because he has lost almost all up to now and does not have the time left in office to do much else.

Bush wants desperately to be a "great" president, but hew even more wants to get US dominance in the middle east, thus he is willing to fall even lower to get the PNAC plan to come to frutation even after all the failures up to now.
I hate Bush's guts! Let's impeach the bastards without hearings!!!

Cheney too. I bet he was wringing his hands with delight last night. He is one Evil man too. I hate his guts.
What a wonderful display of evil on American TV last nigtht.
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