Thursday, January 11, 2007


Bush's Gift To Americans

George W Bush has proudly given Americans a gift so large, that in receiving it they will never be the same. This gift was not asked for, this gift was desired by very few. This gift will forever change Americans and the way they will live their lives.

The Bush gift comes with a price. That price comes is in the form of oceans of blood flowing from the bodies of U.S soldiers. It includes lost limbs, torn out eyes and trauma from which they will never recover.

The Bush gift also will cost Americans nearly a Trillion dollars from the coffers of the U.S treasury. Bush claims he will rebuild Iraq and create jobs for Iraqi's, but in reality he has created a one way reservoir of tax payer dollars flowing into the accounts of Haliburton to Cheney.

The third part of this price tag is the fear that Bush's gift has brought to many Americans. This fear stems from not knowing what evil tirade Bush will level next, what country he will next invade, and will their sons and daughters be pulled into this quicksand of death and doom.

Enjoy your "gift" America. Bush has given it to you whether you wanted it or not.

I want a refund or I'm regifting this freaking gift Larry!!

(Love the picture by the way. When I opened up WNI this evening and saw it I burst out laughing!!)
Kay I am just trying to find photos of everyone else's President. ( Not Mine)
LOL Larry. We need to find a picture of our president which would be a rational, intelligent, and humane human being! Hell, you, I, and Clif could be our president!!
He looks like he should be on the short bus, doesn't he Larry? LMAO
Bush looks like the mental genious that he appears on camera.

I doubt the people on the short bus have ever had that low of intelligence.
He looks like a cross between Pete Puma and Gizmo! One look at that puss and my ass looks good to me.

I've seen more pleasant faces looking back out at me from behind the sunken ship in an aquarium... or on The Exorcist, which, by the way, Ol' Blow-Monkey needs, pronto!

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