Thursday, January 11, 2007


Bush's speech the first draft....

Hi , My name is George W Bush, and tonight I want to talk to you about the war in Iraq, the war that I lied about the WMD's to get, the war I lied about mission accomplished to keep. The war that I lied and said we were winning, the same war I have had the pentagon lie about how many Iraqi casualties we created. The war where it is much worse than I ever said it was, and denied the funding for the troops to have the best body armor and vehicles to keep them safe. The war where we did not have enough troops initially and the plan sucked big time. But what the hell Rummy promised me it was all good and what do I know about fighting a war, I hid out in a special national guard unit my daddy got for me, and went AWOL when the air force started checking for I really know nothing about war except for what Dick who hid from Vietnam keeps telling me.

Tonight I want to get you to agree to send more troops into this quagmire I created because it ain't going as well as I lied about before the election, but I need it to get better so we can start developing the oil there. After all the Iraqi's are soon to pass the oil law Bremer wrote for them. BTW if those new troops do not get this war under control by November I promise to get them out, but do not hold me to that either .. after all I lie remember. Well I am at it, I'm sending a Navy Carrier Battle group into the region so when Israel attacks Iran for Me we can give them some air cover, after all it is the least we can do for them at this point. Well besides the patriot missile batteries we are sending to Israel to shoot down the missiles Iran shoots at them after the Israelis blow the hell out of their nuclear reactors and enrichment sites for us. But what the hell, it ain't like the US is attacking Iran is it? BTW don't worry about none of that cause my friends at Fox tell me they are willing to lie to you all, also. Fox will lie for me to get you all so scared you'll think a nuclear attack by Israel on Iran is making you all safe. I really like how Fox news lies, that is why I hired Tony Snow from then to lie just for me right now. Since we are all safer with the decisions I decided ignoring the people my daddy sent to stop me, I just want you all to go shopping and buy a lot of gas...a whole lot of gas. If you buy a whole lot of gas that makes my friends happy, and my friends tell me I am a great president, which makes me feel good. If I feel good we must be winning the war right? Well I am glad you all still listen to my stupid speeches, now Karl is telling me it is time for milk and cookies, which I really like nite y'all. Remember go to the churches which approve of me and listen to the preachers tell you all how bad those democrats really are so you all will vote right next time.

Gee Clif, I'm picking up on lots of sarcasm in your post. Was that intentional? LOL

Can you believe America's madman last night? He basically told the Congress that he will show them his plan but they have to go along with it no matter what (can make tweaks here and there but must accept it)!

What an ass!

A war with Iran, Syria, and maybe even Syria? Wow! Eventually the 3,000 that died on 9/11 aren't going to be significant anymore. When Bush kills a million in the future, how can Americans say, "But.....9/11...remember!!!"?

We won't be able to. Bush has already blown that in Iraq.

I hate him!!!
Well I do not exactly hate him, Kay, I wish Karl would switch Bush to milk and PRETZELS...instead...lots and lots of pretzels.
An evil display of a child who wants the mlincoln logs of someone else.
Attack Iran and the Ayatollah will put a Fatwah on Bush and the troops, then the Somalians will help too.

For different reasons, so will the Iraqis, Egyptians, Saudi Arabians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Lebanese, Jordinians, Syrians, Palestinians, UAE, Oman and Yemen, Al Queda, Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah and thats just in the ME.

Once the Muslims effectively spread the lie that this is a Christian crusade against Islam and Muslim peoples then there will be many more attacks on westerners from Indonesia to Persia.

Bush knows all this of course, because he's quite sane and he's not stupid. In fact, he's so NOT stupid that he will be the last one fighting on the front lines.
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