Thursday, January 11, 2007


Condi Rice in a nutshell...

You should have seen this woman today testifying in front of our Senators! What a freaking liar, deceiver, and pro at using Orwellian terms to explain the actions of herself and others these past four years. Americans should be so happy, though, that the TOUGH questions are finally being asked. When the meeting was getting ready to end, Senator Joe Biden said to Condi that she needs to come up with the document/proof that the Bush Regime has the right to attack Iran without Congressional approval. Her face went blank, her skin went pale, and she never said a word. She just stared blankly ahead. Wow! More to come too. Woohoo! (Smoke of Americablog posted this picture tonight, so a big hat-tip to him!!!) ;-)

lol.. and people thought she would be president.

no chance in hell.

and shes as white as anyone. shes a definate oreo.
It has nothing to do with her skin color Chris. She's a Bush Fascist. That's what is wrong with her.
She is not even close to being qualified as a "diplomat".
Just more neonazi Pig lies.
She has done nothing diplomatically and is certainly derided as aburd throughout the world.
But the Bush lovers think she is the best Sec of State ever! She has no more talent than a mid level staffer!

lol i didnt mean anything about her skin color, i just meant she uses her race when it benefits her, thats all.
What's wrong with Condi is she is a liar, racist, bigot, warlover, Bush lover, stone-faced,right-wing failure at every government job she has ever held.

Her color has nothing to do with the aforementioned flaws in her character.
When I read the title, I thought the national enquirer found some pictures of Condi fucking Georgie in th ass with a strap on.....Condi in a nutshell...she don't want to be pResident,.. she wants top do Georgie ever the way he likes with a strap on..

Sort of what busboy secretly prays for every night from the good Rev Haggard...who knows even with Clyde hell even Clint Eastwood in "any way but loose" wouldn't be that freaky...
any royalties for ole smoke?

maybe we could work something out (-;
I love it. Bush and his Parade of Liars must be in shock now. "You mean we have to come up with PROOF of our right to do attack people we don't like from now on? The old Congress never made us!"
That's exactly right Bluegrrrrl!

Yesterday I found out through General Pace that Iraq's oil money is in banks in NEW YORK CITY! Yup, we stole their oil and their money. I wonder if the Iraqis have debit cards to access this money. General Pace says they can access it any time they want. Uh huh. I bet they haven't even told the Iraqis where their money is!!! Pigs.

Goodmorning Smoke....[smooches back]. ;-)
BEIJING (AP) — China warned the United States on Thursday not to meddle in its trade relations with Iran after Washington expressed concern about a planned investment by a Chinese oil company in an Iranian gas field.
"We think this kind of cooperation and relationship is legitimate. Normal cooperation should not be interfered (with)," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao. Asked whether that meant Beijing believed the United States was interfering in its dealings with Iran, Liu said: "This is our position."

Like I said, the Chinese will not tolerate any intrusions/incursions into it's energy supplies from Iran.

If you invade Iran you will interrupt the oil/natural gas flow that heads into China.

You will be asking for war with China.

The Chinese will NOT be intimidated by America nor will they tolerate even the slightest set-back in their economic expansion plans.

Since Bush has just illegally attacked the Iranian embassy in Iraq ('justified' by refusing to recognise the building as an embassy) he is clearly provoking war with Iran.

It's time to hit the streets Americans or you'll find yourselves hitting a sandy place wondering why you didn't GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDES SOONER. By then it will be too late for all of us.

I mean it guys, only YOU can stop your own leader and you need Vietnam era demonstrations all over America NOW!

Blogs can only do so much. It's time to organise and hit the streets NOW!!!!!
Last night on my local news, a Portland, Maine group was protesting @ the dinner hour and I'm so pissed because the last post I saw about this protest was listed as starting at noon time which I couldn't attend because it was so early and in the middle of the day. I'm livid, though, I was so happy to see that it made the news.

People are hittin the streets here Gary, just not in the numbers they were during the Vietnam war. There are two huge ones scheduled for January/March of this year in Washington, DC and some are saying a million could attend each. Let's hope!

I will continue being the one-woman protester at my favorite place on a bridge in Portland. ;-)
Geez, Kay, you got me all excited. I thought the headline said, 'Condi in the nutHOUSE.' - Never mind.
Kay "I will continue being the one-woman protester at my favorite place on a bridge in Portland. ;-) "

I commend your pacifism Kay.

Every lurker reading this should HANG THEIR HEAD IN SHAME if they are able to protest on the streets and CHOOSE not to because there is NO excuse not to.

Kay, I wouldn't end your post with a happy face given what you've just written. I'd end it with :(

You should NOT be alone!
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