Monday, January 22, 2007


Elderly man gets a visit from the Secret Service

We’ve all done it! Yes we have. We’ve made comments about Bush, his minions, and about all the illegal things he’s done in the past six years, but none of us have had a visit from the Secret Service. Why is that? Well, it could be because we’re not saying anything that would warrant it because the threat wasn’t specific enough or whatever.

An elderly man in Pennsylvania said in a newspaper comment, “They hung the wrong man” (talking about Saddam’s hanging), and this comment had the Secret Service on this 81 year old’s door step! We’ve all made this comment outloud, haven’t we? I know I have. Even the old man said this sentence can be taken in so many different ways because he wasn’t saying exactly who the other man was who deserved to be hung. Well, it’s implied, but he’s right when he says it could have been Osama bin Laden. Nahhhhhh, even George Bush doesn’t want to hang him!

I thought this article was a good way for us to start the day. ;-)

Looks like Bush is chasing down old men to eliminate free speech.

What's next, will they impound the family dog for howling wrong?
Did you read the article Larry where the old guy said he still thinks the wrong man was hanged? LOL See? Even a true Patriot won't changed his or her mind even after getting a visit from the Fuhrer's SS!!! I love it.
Kay at 81, he has lived through the Great Depression WW2 and the cold war, gutless punks who back Bush probably do not scare this guy, and he knows a fascist when he sees one.......
How many millions of Americans have said this very thing?
Well, I'm sunk. I constantly use phrases such as "Smarmy Despot" "Oily Residue" "Waterboarding Sadist" "Worthless Bastard" as descriptive terms anytime I post anything on ANY blog...

I would quiz the SS like they were on a witness stand. "So guys, when are you going to start upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and arrest that lying warmongering little bastard?" "Aren't you tired of protecting someone that would send your ass to Viet'Raq to only be returned in a flag covered transfer tube?"

But I've always been the mouthy type...
Hi Greg! Wow, so great to have you hear over from Ablog. You're right about Bush's SS! It's possible his SS got the special "Bush Dictatorship Rules" brainwash speech to forget about the words of the Constitution. Wouldn't surprise me. They also could be ex-Yale cheerleading buddies of Bush's from his time there and don't know a thing about anything! That wouldn't surprise me either. ;-)
Clif, you are so correct. This 81 year old man has seen so much more in life than the asses of the SS. Being a veteran, however, doesn't matter anymore with the Bush Regime in charge. They defocate on them.

I smiled when I read the part where after he got back from spending some time with the SS he said he still thinks the wrong man WAS hanged! Love that. I hope I'm like that at the end of my life too. ;-)
Larry, we've all said the same thing! LOL The FBI and Bush's SS couldnt' arrest all of us, so they went after the one person they could run faster 81 year old man. Idiots.
Bush can't whip the Iraqi's that have no army because of his incompetence so maybe he thinks he can take out an old man.
What a dope!
And such a lame attempt at keeping people quiet! ; )
Larry, what part of Indiana are you in?
good morning
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In keeping with true Cosa Nostra fashion, maybe ol' Poppy will get a visit from the goon squad... "We don't no longer needs you, old man!"

What goes around comes around.
Unbelievable! I can't believe this old man had a visit from the Secret Service. This is like Stalin's Russia.
Kay, I want to publicly apologize for the trolls who have threatened you in any way.

They are no longer tolerated, and my entire blog is undergoing an overhaul. We are raising the level of discourse to a much higher level coming into the 2008 election. We need progressive voices that can bring out the truth and light, and heal all this chaos.

I invite you back to visit or post a thread.
I've said i'd love to see Bush and Cheney hung for treason for years Kay and the secret service havent come to my door, thats a pretty ambitious undertaking to harass anyone who exercises their free speech and thinks the Neo Cons need to be treated like any other criminal guilty of treason
Under the frist amendmant, he is entitled to his opinion. He did not threaten anyone. What a crock!!!
White Noise Insanity has MOVED to WORDPRES.

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