Friday, January 19, 2007


Exciting News! Jenna! Jenna! Jenna!

Sweet Jenna Bush, daughter of the infamous George W Bush is shopping a book proposal to all the major publishers in New York. This will be the first book from this first daughter.

Opinions vary, but many believe the book will tell of her "experiences" in her young 25 year old life, that has been riddled with scandal and appeal.

What exactly could the "experiences" of a young 25 year old girl from the range of Texas be? What could a 25 year old girl, an enemployed college graduate with uncertainty of future employment have to say?

Will Jenna tell of her life at home with her father, a "former" alcoholic, oilman and now President, and her mother a society maiden, who possibly has a passion for the finer beverages of substance?

Will Jenna tell of a father bringing home night after night, the Condi's and Karen's and the Harriet's of the world to "consult" into the wee hours of the Texas morning?

Will Jenna tell of a mother, who found solace and comfort from those lonely nights with a bottle from Beam?

Could the book entail the life of twin twinkies who found more fun in the bars of Belmont than they did on the range in Texas.

Will Jenna discuss her many arrests, both public and concealed that brought embarrassment to the grandparents, but pride to her daddy that she loves so much?

Does Jenna plan on giving details about the twins wild time in Argentina where the embassy asked them to leave, but being a Bush they merely said no. How about picking up an unemployed Argentina citizen, and skipping the latest family Christmas, in favor of a romp in the setting sun?

Could Jenna portray herself as a quite child who cares about the world and the turmoil it is in, or will she describe those sessions of love that the twins may have shared with certain men?

Is Jenna going to tell of the pain her mother feels after watching a woman on TV say that Laura's husband is really hers? Will Jenna describe of times of propping momma Laura up with pillows so she could sit straight for white house photos?

How will Jenna cover the war in Iraq? How will Jenna describe having the same traits as her arrogant, greedy, wild father of whose eyes she has fondly proclaimed to be the apple of?

Could the book have revealing pictures of the Bush twins with their bodies bare and shorn? Could the book be filled with recipes of Laura's baked duck, marinated in brandy and gin?

The world awaits the 25 years of episodes, of a family filled with drunkenness and pain. It awaits the sex scandals, drug tales, the promiscuity and tirades that only this family could have produced.

The book will be all Jenna! Jenna! Jenna! Promiscuous! Scandalous! Eristic!

Yuck! Puke! Barf! No thanks! I can't hurt my beautiful mind by reading her garbage! Yuck! Puke! Spit!
Come on Kay, you know you want to read about Laura's lush problems about Jenna's thirteen nights in a New York harem.
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Breed mares of the Apocalypse!
Pussboy most college graduates do NOT have enough "life" experience's to write a book worth reading, especially ones who have lived pampered lives bases on their daddy and grand fathers political connections so that very few people were willing to challenge them. very few people have the Secret service covering up their illegal activities like drinking underage.

But of course dead Eye did use the Secret Service to hold off the law until HE could sober up after a face shot.

But of course considering your experience in the pasture your book would be even worse then the drivel the Bush drunken prodigy will write.
Maybe Busboy is hoping beyond hope that Jenna will look his way as he waits those tables at the local Denny's.

Auntie Ism,

I liked that comment.
Maybe they're going to write a book on how many ways to use a dildo? Could be.

LOL Aunty Ism! Don't you know it girl. Those two Bush's are the reason why myself and others say:

"The only bush I trust is my own"!!
Bushboy is homlier than the backside of a barn and no one of the opposite sex ever looks at him Holly. The End.
Busboy wouldn't make a good stablemate for Jenna's horse.
Kay I have been able to get a sneak peek at the new Bush auto biography..

"I woke up got drunk and passed out, again" ... for 130 pages.

Then she wrote she didn't know what to say.......
Larry Pussboy is a sheep goat man......horses are outa his league.
Busboy never met a goat he didn't like.
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pussboy the ONLY wacko here is YOU son, your the one who hates 1,6 Billion people on this planet based solely on their religious views.

Your the only wacko bigot posting here tonite son.
Your the only wacko who has taken posts to get you so angry to try an empty threat on the tubes widdle boy.
Horsehocky! .....Busboy

Ordering dinner son?
BTW foole Paris Hilton is part of the uber rich reichwing extreme son, she is what you foole are defending with your attacking the inheritance tax, which means she gets multi-millions of income TO HER for free, never working a day in her life for it, nor paying tax on that income but you clowns and the rest of us all make up THAT shortfall.

Damn man don't you recognize one of the people you front for son?
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Pussboy I am NOT a Muslim sympathizer son, that is you deluded take on what I do. and since you do NOT know anything about MY disability son, FOAD.

BTW foole when the VA declares you disabled and tells you, that you can not retrain for anything, it ain't me son, but the VA. I asked for schooling to train for a new career, but the doctor would NOT release me from treatment.

BTW asswipe get your latin RIGHT boy;

Non Compos Mentis

That is the correct terminology and spelling son.

BTW son I never said anything about mental disability son.

Es scortum obscenus vilis
BTW foole , they do NOT keep giving you a Cat scan of your chest cavity and blood tests for a mental disability son, try to keep up, I told you that the night you tried to threaten to turn me into the VA for faking my disability son, too bad the VA doctors, you know the people who went to college for years and got a doctorate in medicine, not some stupid church to know everything. They use modern science and medical tests not some delusion of their minds to make their diagnosis son.

But do continue to channel Dr Frist
what exactly does she have to write about (i mean have someone else write for her about)?

its not gonna be a tell all, and i cant imagine she has the brain power to write a novel or anything.
i wake up with morning wood and find you pondering on the many uses of a dildo.

good morning, indeed (-:
Smoke were you talking about Jenna Bush or pussboy?
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No son no nerve gutless, I just do NOT live here stalking Kay 24 - 7 like some fooles do.

BTW why don't you get with YOUR VA connections and ask them why I am not allowed to retrain son?

I guess your just another dishonest deluded reichwingnut pretend pseudo christian, who goes around the tubes attacking everyone who does NOT goose step they way you fascists do.

Stick with trying to out smart the sheep son, it is much closer to your real abilities.

Your medical diagnosis abilities are simple non existent ... as your factual capacity. Your just a hateful human being spreading your version of self hate at other people, jebus would be so proud of you son. However Jesus would be ashamed of you saying you act in his name.
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No son it is not living off your sorry ass gutless, it is part of MY contract when I signed up and served, IF I got hurt or became disabled, they government would allow me to forgo the 7 years I had to still serve to earn a retirement and medically retire me, and send me to the VA for evaluation, thus where I am,

Like I said son your a deluded pseudo non-christian who spews your SELF hate at people, nice to see your living here JUST waiting for a reply asswipe.

Hic puer est stultissimus omnium!
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The 16th Amendment passed both houses of congress and was ratified by 42 states by 1913, and has been declared CONSTITUTIONAL son, deal with it.
Son if I had a contractual agreement with the army and kept MY half even deploying to a war zone and fighting for MY country, why do assholes like you think you get to denigrate me because the army and federal government is keeping their half of that contract. BTW it ain't me that has wasted 500,000,000,000 on a illegal war son, so deal with it boy, I and the other disabled veterans are not the reason the government can not balance it's books son, it is greedy people like you who refuse to pay for the war YOU pimped for.

BTW son Reagan never paid HIS bills so we are still paying interest on the money Reagan and Bush borrowed when I served in uniform.

Asswipes like YOU refused to pay the bills then and still refuse to pay the bills of the wars and military you all want to control the world, just because your such a hypocrite you go to church and pray for others to suffer and die, and hate the world do not blame me son. I defended even YOUR sorry ass son.

Hey, Clif, hasn't everyone on all these blogs thanked you for your service and offered to help you realize your full potential? When you sign up for the military, don't you know you may have to fight? I think your fight is with the USA, not the enemy. Am I right?
No son I have NO fight with the people of this country, just the deluded fooles who think they have the right to undercut it by NOT paying the bills they run up and think it is OK to hand those bills to future generations son.

And Idiots who want to destroy the very conbst8tution I took an oath to defend, plus gutless widdle punks like you who HATE so many for selfish reasons and want billions dead.
Or want the US to attack foreign countries JUST so they can FEEL safe son, like Bush attacked Iraq, and NOW wants to attack Iran.

BTW foole jebus is never coming from the wars the deluded fooles like you want, and Jesus is ashamed people like you desecrate his name when you hate like you do.

See son I have achieved my full potential, I have also been declared disabled by the VA and since THEY know a hell of a lot more than YOU ever will stick to boring holes in trees to copulate with then son.

It is your full potential

And son I had no problem going to Saudi Arabia in 1990 to defend the country, and had no problem with invading Iraq on Feb 24th 1991 as I was ordered to, but when In returned the Army decided I was no longer physically fit for duty, and they medically retired me, and the VA subsequently decided I was 100% disabled, now Clyde why do you really care?
BTW just so's you member where you are son, Kay does NOT want you here son, she has asked me to post here, YOU not so much son.

Why do you keep showing up where nobody wants you son, NO friends there in Oklahoma?
OK, you asked a good question; why do I really care? I care because you were willing to give your life for this country. I care because you were willing to give your life for this country when it was run by a CIC that you probably didn't vote for. I care because you need the best med help that money can buy; and I don't think you're getting it. I don't give a rat's ass what your politics are; but I'll vote to see that the situation improves. You can call me "chickenshit" all you want, but on this "one" issue, I'm with you, like it or not; kiss my ass.
Well son your the one who voted for the PEOPLE who cut the VA Reagan cut back on what care a vet got, Bush 41 did the same, and Bush 43 has severely underfunded the VA so bad that they have to limit service and restrict care to some. Fortunately I am not in one of the categories which gets restricted care YET.

And No I did not vote for Reagan or Bush, but then again I never voted for Carter, but served under Him also.

I knew the trickle down theory was just their way of saying the were gonna PISS all over the poorer, and Bush was right in 1980 when he called it Voo Doo economics and flip flopped when he got offered the VP's spot.

I never trusted the man after that and still do NOT trust any Bush at all since Jeb screwed up Florida and aided Kathrine Harris in illegally defrauding over 50,000 people their right to vote in 2000, and of course George lies like a dry drunk.

The bush's really are a criminal family all out for themselves and their oil company buddies Clyde.
But it is the fact that the re-pubies like YOU claim to be FOR the bible but refuse to actually FOLLOW the very words of Jesus in that book, he told YOU to pay to Caesar the taxes due and care for the poor and infirm, but you do NOT do so, you refuse to admit he made capital punish impossible for a human being to carry out. Jesus requires people to serve God NOT money, but you re-pubies focus on MONEY instead all the time son. See Clyde Jebus might approve of the non christian ways you people preach, But Jesus called people like YOU Pharisees and Sadducees. And son he said you got YOUR reward here on earth with the riches you desired and served so well.
BTW if you want the best medical care for the vets then get the re-pubies to stop demanding Veterans who serve this country get better pay and FULL medical care for themselves and families, and then when they are OUT of the service they get full VA medical care not the rationed way Bush has the VA doing it now denying almost half of the veterans any care at all.

Clyde if you actually care get the re-pubies who are so worried about fighting wars to back the troops with something they can really use, instead of useless photo ops and empty parades. Vets need much more than a parade and a speech a couple of times a year, I am one of the lucky ones, really Clyde.
The bush's really are a criminal family all out for themselves and their oil company buddies Clyde.

So, who are you out for, Clif?
Yeah, that's what I thought; you're out for yourself. Not a bad idea, actually.
Well son I am NOT the one sending people off to war based on LIES and spending money only to ask future generations to pay the bill they never got a change to VOTE on.

Running massive deficits are taxing future generations OUT of their prosperity, when they have to pay INTEREST because Reagan and the Bushs refused to be accountable and demand the country pay the bills it runs up, and since congress and the president have been re-pubie since 2000 they have refused to be responsible and pay for the war they started...and they will hand the bill to people who were too young to fight it vote for it and vote for the budget that refused to pay for it.

I am for the real future of this country, not the empty promises of people far too greedy to pay their own bills. and far too shallow to ask the country to actually sacrifice if it really is a war because they KNEW if the citizens really had to sacrifice their tax cuts like in EVERY other wart this nation ever fought they would have never gotten it in the first place.

so they lied about WMD's kept the War off budget so they could LIE about how big the budget deficit really is, and pass the buck to the future generations, just like Bush is trying to pass it's failure to the next President. Too bad he was the one who screwed up the reasons for it and they way he and Dumsfeld fought it until it is almost hopeless and already lost from strategic stand point. If 80-90% of the indigenous population is against you as a foreign occupying power then no matter how much you fight you really can't win their hearts and minds thus you can not get them to follow your lead, because they will resist until you leave, like Vietnam, Iraq for Britain 1919, Afghanistan for Russia 1988, Indochina for France 1954, Algeria for France in 1962, India and Pakistan for Britain 1949, and all the Africa colonies..... Iraqi people do NOT want the US there just the people in the government we put in place, remember most of them were not in the country for YEARS and Maliki hid out in Syria helping form HEZBOLLAH in the 1980's and Chalibi worked for the Iranians even when he was lying to Cheney about how much he was like inside Iraq. Hell Bush has enabled Iran to get something they could NEVER get on their own, Saddam over thrown and their political allies in charge of the country.

You deluded fooles want bush to Attack Iran right after he attacked Iraq and allowed Iranian sponsored people Like Hakim to assume power, along with Maliki who is a member of the Islamic Dawa Party. They have attacked the US embassy in Kuwait during the 1980's and aided Hezbollah during their War with Israel in the 1980's and 1990's

You screech about me being a Muslim sympathizer when it is people like YOU who supported Bush as he elevated these people to power, which DIRECTLY aided the Iranians plans to dominate inside Iraq's southern provinces, where most of Iraq's oil resides. and now Bush has allowed Pakistan to give safe haven for Bin laden, and YOU call me a sympathizer?

Your a FOOLE.

If Bush ahd stayed OUT of Iraq and allowed the Iraqi's to resolve the Saddam problem you oil clowns might have had a chance at that OIL now it will be years before the country is stable enough to repair and upgrade the oil fields, and the American companies will probably not get too many chances at doing that as much as the people of Iraq are gonna HATE us all for you re-pubie deluded insane attempts at stealing the country from the Iraqi's.

It was not me that thought it was a good idea, and a surge against the Shiite al Sadr militia and him personally will enrage them like the invasion did the Sunni's, but it is never hearts or minds but the barrel of a gun to people like you. Iraq is like the movie RED DAWN now only Patrick Swayze is a Sunni and soon to be a Shiite also, And we are the Russians and the British the Cubans .....
And we are the Russians and the British the Cubans .....1/21/2007 03:02:11 AM

You know, Clif; you and I are not too far apart on the Iraq deal. You know the political history. I know a lot of the "oil" history. The 2 aren't always the same. We can't go back in time; but, we can go forward from here. I've put my foot in my mouth and espoused giving every Iraqi a monthly check as their share of one half of the country's oil revenues and dispensing the other half to 4 autonomous regions. If you have a plan; I'm listening.
"We can't go back in time; but, we can go forward from here. I've put my foot in my mouth and espoused giving every Iraqi a monthly check as their share of one half of the country's oil revenues and dispensing the other half to 4 autonomous regions."

That's mighty white of you, Bus... and in keeping with such a fine philosophy, how about giving me half of everything YOU make, while I do fuck-all? Oh, I suppose I COULD come over to your place and occupy it like some invading army with no good fucking reason for being there... OR... be like you haunting this blog like some disinterred poltergeist with a penchant for livestock and Doritos!

There's totalitarian logic for ya! Bus... when you were dropped on your head as an infant, was it your mother's clumsiness or was she trying to make a statement?

You got a twin named Mat?
"rocky" said...
You got a twin named Mat?

Nope. You're all bitch and moan with no solutions.
I see Clyde Conger is here. Should I post your email address and IP address for everyone to report you Bushboy? Ha? Is that what you want fucktard?!!!

Clif served our country and deserves every penny he is getting from all of us. Liberals believe in taking care of each other. Neocons believe in taking away the help of those who need it. You're all pathetic!!!!

So Clyde, what do you think Jenna's book will be about? This is what the post topic is about and being the troll you are, you've not stayed on topic, but instead, are putting down our soldiers.

You hate our soldiers. You hate the fact that some of our soldiers are coming home today with their penises blown off along with half of their faces! You would much rather they go through life without the medical care they need and hope they get an infection that kills them, huh? You hate them!!! All neocons do.

I hate you.
"Fucks With Sheep" said:

"Nope. You're all bitch and moan with no solutions."

Rocky says: I've also got a really great profile, and you... well... you have sheep!

Kay, let me guess on Clod's email address: iamatotalfuckup.inbreed.whackjob.corralinfiltrator.weird!
You hate our soldiers. You hate the fact that some of our soldiers are coming home today with their penises blown off along with half of their faces! You would much rather they go through life without the medical care they need and hope they get an infection that kills them, huh? You hate them!!! All neocons do.
I hate you.

Kay, you obviously don't even read my posts. You need someone to hate and you must have run out of people in town; so, you hate me. You're a beautiful, intelligent young woman with everything going your way. WTH?
"rocky" said...
Rocky says: I've also got a really great profile, and you... well... you have sheep!

I admit to being slow at times, but I think I've got you figured. You're either a menopausal woman or you're gay. I say that because all men have a solution in mind for every problem that appears on the radar. The solution may be wrong; but they have a solution in mind. The same thing bothers me about Clif. But, I give him a pass because he "don't want to talk about war no more". Can't remember who wrote that, but I understand it.
Awww... you're just TOO sharp for me, Bustoken! You're right... I'm a menopausal lesbian from the planet Sheepos, and I've come to show you the way, Snookums!

Now, I'm guessing (and from your own admission)you're physically (and mentally) impaired from sitting on your fat ass in front of a Doritos-cluttered, jism-stained computer desk bothering honest, hard-working people all day long, so for you I'd recommend the Poll Merino breed of sheep.

These animals are kind of bulky, dull-witted, and don't move so fast, so fat little perverts like yourself should easily be able to keep (it) up moving among the herd. They also have fairly thick wool, which facilitates a good hiding place from the watchful eyes of a shotgun-toting farmer, or an overzealous sheepdog.

I wouldn't, however, suggest the South African Mutton Merino variety as they are rather fast and muscular, and may even turn upon an unsuspecting deviant like yourself and pound his worthless ass into troll snot under a cacophony of cascading hooves...

On second thought, Bustop, try the South African Mutton Merino variety on your next nocturnal rendezvous... I hear they're just primo!

Bon appetite, my little schizo friend! Maaaaaaaa-a-a!

P.S. Too much mutton will make you go blind!!
"rocky" said...
P.S. Too much mutton will make you go blind!!
1/21/2007 06:20:13 PM

Guess I scored a "Direct hit" Thanks for the confirmation!
Clyde, staying in Iraq for the US, at this point, is similar to the Russians refusing to admit they couldn't control Afghanistan in 1984, 4 years after their invasion there. Or the US insisting we could still "Win in Vietnam" in 1969, people like you demand answers to your re-pubie fuck-ups, there is NO solution using military troops unless YOU personally are willing to kill millions, because that will be what happens if we keep trying tom force the solution you neo-con IDIOTS want there.

The Military can not force the Iraqi’s to accept a US imposed government any more then we could force the Vietnamese to accept the Government in Saigon we created son. We can not undo the hate of Abu Graibe, and midnight doors getting kicked in based on BAD intell. We can NOT go back and undestroy Fallugha, or Ramadi. We can not unkill up to 750,000 people and get their families to forgive us because we opened that Pandora’s Box. We can not give then back the last four years son, years where we have systematically destroyed their lives and country, at the same time claiming we knew what was good for them even better than they do.

If during an insurgency you lose over 50% of the people and those people show the kind of willingness to fight and die until we leave, we are left with 2 choices, kill everybody who does not want us there, or leave their country to them, everything else is just delaying THAT choice.

If not it is time we accepted that the invasion was a bone head move and FAILED to achieve the oil law Bremer wrote. As such we are simply sending GOOD young soldiers and their leaders to a meat grinder for Bush's ego and your deluded militarily unrealistic dreams.... the ONLY thing you really want out of Iraq and Iran is their oil, if Saddam had not blocked US and British companies from the Iraqi country Bush ET AL would never had invaded, all other lies aside.

Give it up son, you idiots have screwed up so bad, that oil is lost for a couple of decades boy. The Iraqi’s still denigrate century old invaders, so people like YOU are just the latest name on that list of people who can KISS their asses in their view. And if they refuse to surrender and will destroy the oil wells pumping stations and pipe lines to prevent you clowns from getting the oil, what you gonna do son KILL 20,000,000 people to get it?

Short of that there is NO plan for a US corporation to get that oil. As for stabilizing Iraq, get the US OUT allow the Jordanians and Saudi’s to aid the Sunni’s the Iranians to aid the Shiites and We will aid the Kurds, and hold six way peace talks ala the Paris Peace Talks in 1970-1973 …. With our troops out and Bush ET AL including YOU giving up on Exxon, BP royal Dutch Shell etc, giving up their dreams of dominating the Iraqi development, there is a change of bringing the fighting to a cease fire, and real resolutions to this Fiasco created by Bush and people like YOU who blindly supported that Idiot with your willful ignorance of the truth, both about WMD’s , Iraq and 9-11, where al Qaeda really was in Feb 2003 right before the invasion. And your demands for the US military to do something NO military has ever achieved with out war crimes, of killing large portions of an indigenous population.

BTW son just so’s you know boy al Qaeda is SUNNI fundamentalists and the Iranians are Shiites they HATE each other son, so If any assclown tries to say we need to stop Iran so they will NOT aid al Qaeda, they are feeding YOU Bullshit just like the lies in the run up to the illegal invasion or Iraq in 2003. They do not aid a group who sees them as heretics and want all of the Shiite Iranians stoned to death for it.

So since YOU know there is NO military solution short of killing on a scale of a massive War crime, and the only political solution must be Iraqi inspired and include the Iraqi’s Bush et al do not like, WHAT do you propose, change course in a massive way and allow the regional players to help the Iraqi fix Bush ET Al’s massive screw up, of massive killing?

I do not advocate mass murder on a scale which pale even against Hitler or Stalin;

DO YOU? 1/21/2007 07:10:59 PM

No, sir, I do not. I fully understand the Sunni/Shiite problem. Bush must have thought it was like Baptists vs Catholics. The WMD thing is what got us into the deal. It was endorsed by Dems and Repubs. The WMD's are probably in Syria. They were actually counted by the ton at one point by the UN inspectors. I've said this before: listen up! The Iraqi's are going to sell their oil at market prices. They stole it from us , the French and the Germans. That's old history, sweep it under the rug. It doesn't matter which thief we buy the oil from. Our interest is to keep it flowing. Iraq has the 2nd greatest reserves of oil on the planet. Some say Russia is #2; but that's up for grabs. Besides my earlier comments about partition, I've also advocated putting our troops on the border and on the pipeline. That's where our national interest lies. What is interesting is that you apparently agree with me. That's not a victory for me; it's just common sense from 2 different directions.
Clyde, your so full of SHIT it is coming out your ears son;

1, There were NO WMD's that was MY speciality in the Army. After Hussain Camel defected to Jordan in 1995 and sold Saddam out to the UN, the vast majority of his "stash" was destroyed and he never got enough NEW chemicals and equipment to make any new.

2. Any fissible material that is weapons grade leaves a signature we can track by satalite, thus he had Nada nukes stuff. Other wise we would have gone RIGHT to in in april and may 2003.

3. And as far as true chemical weapons nothing past 1996, when the UN inspectors including david Kay and Scott ritter destroyed them, the equipment to make it, and Clinton bombed the factories in 1998 when saddam threw the inspectors out, he had NOTHING to resurect the program from son, because nobody would sell him the NEW equipment and pre-curser chemicals he needed.

BTW son both David Kay and Scott Ritter say he didn't have what Bush ET Al said he did after David Kay got to look everywhere after the invasion, they still say to this very day saddam had squat in 2003.

NO trips to Syria by convoy air lift of chemical weapons ever took place son, we had both JSIDS and JSTAR along with AWACS watching son and we would have known exactly where anything went and the United states Air Force says NO trips either ground or air took place. ( I do not care what some reichwingnuts get some foole to say on Faux news.)

Now for you stupider comments son, The Iraqi's can NOT steal oil under the country of Iraq fronm the United States or any american Oil companies son, cause it was never ours to begin with.

Son our troops NEED to leave unless you and the yellow belly re-pubies are volunteering for your fooles errand boy. WTF are they gonna do son, tell the Iraqi's who they can and cannot let into THEIR countery foole?

Get a clue gutless, we need to give their country back to them.

I do not give a fuck how bad YOU want that oil it ain't yours to guard, nor is it your country to dictate to, Bush and asswipes like YOU lied in 2002-2003, and your still spreading some of the same LIES today asshole, get a clue WMD's were a lie fixed on made up intell Cheney wanted and Douglas Feith got in the DOD intell program they set up to circumvent the CIA which would NOT certify the fairy tales Cheney and hia PNAC minions were selling.

Oil is a declining energy source in the next 30-50 years, we better find it's replacement for transportation and other uses now or we are gonna find this country in a world of Hurt unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes.

Your trying to spin LIES here son to keep your oil industry domination of the Energy markets, but oil is gonna start running out with in the next couple of decades as the demand rises, thus a switch is made to something else or the standard of living FALLS son, there is simply no other choice Clyde.

Deal with the FACT that the oil industry will be a dianasour by 2050, just like the wagon wheel industry was by 1950....

as far as the US troops go, they achieved the MISSION assigned to them by the congress in the Autghorization ton use military force ...

Saddam has been deposed and he no longer represents a threat to the US. Thus, they achieved that stated goal

The WMD's were never there in the first place son, but NOW there is no threat there either so that point is achieved.

Iraq can no longer militarily invade Kuwait let alone the US, so the troops do not have to prevent that possibility even though it was as remote as an intelligent comment by YOU son.

The US troops are NOT the Iraqi military they are the US military and since the accomplished the Mission set out in the Authorization to use Military Force Against Iraq under the Baathist regium of Saddam Hussien, we need to bring them home thank them most extensively and allow the Iraqi people to govern their country including their oil, their oil pipelines and their borders.

So son if YOU want the pipeline or biorders guarded, suit up grab a weapon son, and man a post, just allow the troops to come HOME, their mission is NOT to guarentee your access to the OIL in Iraq. You want that son,

1/21/2007 08:43:12 PM

Clif, everybody, including the US, the Dems, the Repubs, and the UN inspectors said the WMD were there. We saw Saddam use them to kill entire villages of Shiites on tape. So you can stick that shit where the sun don't shine.
Do you ever actually read any of my posts? Do you realize that you and I are close to being on the same page about Iraq? Here's what I see: You think we should have never gone in; and you can't get over the fact that we did; and, now you can't think of a solution because you're blinded by hate of GWB.
Damn man you’re getting delusional asswipe;

Clif, everybody, including the US, the Dems, the Repubs, and the UN inspectors said the WMD were there.

No son that is NOT exactly true, Scott Ritter a former US marine Captain during Desert Storm, and a UN inspector during the 1990's said they had NO weapons in 2003.

And many UN people did not say they had weapons in 2003 son,

In fact Hans Blix was asking for MORE time because he could NOT find any evidence of weapons,

BUT Bush ordered the UN inspectors OUT of Iraq in 2003 ...

Not Saddam.

So you’re WRONG there son..... As usual.

We saw Saddam use them to kill entire villages of Shiites on tape.

Lets see, 1983, and 1988 possibly son, When Ronald Reagan was president and selling Saddam weapons. Since that time they had a war with the coalition, in 1991, and got inspected by the UN in the 1990's which was when Hussein Camel told the UN where everything was, and Scott Ritter along with David Kay and the rest of the UN inspectors DESTROYED those weapons, thus he needed to MAKE new weapons to have any in 2002, but he couldn't get the equipment and pre curser chemicals to formulate the chemicals to put in the weapons thus he did NOT have any weapons in 2002 or 2003, David Kay said as much when he left Iraq after searching all over the country after Bush's ILLEGAL invasion.

Damn son your 0 for 2 but still stuck on stupid ain't ya son?

So you can stick that shit where the sun don't shine.

Getting testy son? Your shit you’re peddling here as Rush Limpballs facts do not stand up too well do they son?

Well like Rush said your carrying water for the neo-cons still son, too bad it is their PISS they pissed all over you son.

Do you ever actually read any of my posts?

Yes son I am amazed that somebody so delusional is allowed to run free in this society son, your one delusional foole.

Do you realize that you and I are close to being on the same page about Iraq?

No son;

1. The invasion was illegal.

2. There was NO WMD's

3. Saddam was not working on a Nuke

4. The oil does not belong to anybody in the USD

5. We should NOT deploy our troops to defend Iraq’s borders; they should deploy Iraqi troops if they want their borders defended

6. We need to leave Iraq ... period ... end of discussion.

Sorry son we are light years apart on Iraq boy.

Here's what I see:

Oh shit he's thinking, this should be FUNNY ....

You think we should have never gone in;

Damn skippy Clyde ....

and you can't get over the fact that we did;

Son I am over that fact, it bugs me that fooles like YOU still are willing to lie and carry the piss water for the neo-cons on this one. But I know we can not go back and institutionalize the PNAC crowd in 1998 and save us all from this foreign policy disaster, military fiasco and 3046 soldiers lives, and somewhere around 650,000 Iraqis as well.

and, now you can't think of a solution because you're blinded by hate of GWB.

I gave YOU a solution son, you just ignored it as usual.

1. The US withdrawals from Iraq proper unless the Kurds asks us to stay in Kurdish provinces. It ain't our country, nor is it our civil war even though we fomented it and allowed it to grow until itycan no longer be contained by the US.

2. The positions of US and British forces are replaced by military units from Saudi Arabia, Jordan Egypt, Iran and Turkey based on the ethnic and religious make up of the civilian people who live around the bases we are LEAVING.

3. A cease fire is negotiated by the UN and Arab states....

4. Peace talks and the resolution of the Iraqi problem is worked out through talks which include Iraqi sectarian groups the Arab league, the US and UN. The results of these talks are ratified by the Iraqi people then if approved by the UN general assembly with NO veto possible by any country.

The US stays OUT of Iraqi internal affairs from now on, at least until we have solved the problems of poverty, racial discrimination, no medical care for millions of children, global warming, alternate energy sources, aids, cancer, and until HELL FREEZES OVER.

Get it BOY it ain't our right to dictate to then or anybody what they should do inside their country when in fact we do not do all that well for all of the US citizens here right now.

Son we are miles apart because you still do not get it, you have NO right to tell the Iraqi people what to do with their country, unless you want to give up your US citizenship and become a citizen of Iraq (like they would have your stinking ass).
Funny, Bushboy says...."Hey, everyone back in the Reagan years saw Saddam using his wmd but we still loved him!".

Can you stop blaming Clinton when it was the fucking Reagan/BushSr. era that brought Saddam to power and ignored the fact that he was a killer!!!!
Bushboy, it was proven that there were no trucks that went over the border in Syria carrying Saddam's wmd. Another right wing story to tell the kiddies to dumb down America!
I wonder if Jenna's writing will sound like her daddy talks?

Mumble jumbo.
Larry if she only writes when she is sober, the book will be finished ... oh about 2055
Clif, Maybe her momma will help her in between drinks.
Don't know about Pickles, since she mixes her 5 doctor ordered meds with copious amounts of Jose Cuervo to down them, but Babs might learn the drunk girl how to function while soused to the gills, since she was basically that way while she was incubating the future drunk himself.....Hmmmm .... could be something there ... Babs stays drunk while incubation the Idiot he turns out to be a useless drunk .. Pickles is stoned on her meds as well as drunk and both twins turn out about the same way.

Must be something that women who are so stupid they marry a Bush do. Stay drunk while pregnant and inflict the damaged offspring on the rest of us, so We all can share in their personal misery.
Maybe Jenna's sister could write the book.

After all she is probably into painkillers and has no time for mere drinking.
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