Thursday, January 18, 2007


Fox makes an apology, just not one we really need them to make

Fox Apologizes for On-Air Profanity

No, Not Bill O'Rally .... really this story is NOT about him ... really I am not kidding ... Yes he is a verbal porn master, just ask Andrea Mackris she even taped some of Bill O's greatest hits...... but Fox is NOT apologizing for THAT....

No .. no it is not about Sean Hannity either... no neither is it an apology for Hannity putting Coulterguist on the air. Come on I know it is profanity when ever that lying fraud is allowed to speak, but this story is NOT about that either... yes IT is a walking verbal porn master, but Fox never apologizes for things like that....

No Rush Limpnballs usually does not do Fox, he is not even up to their LOW standards....

Yes his show is verbal porn, but since it is NOT on Fox they really can't apologize for it ....

No this is NOT about apologizing for Heraldo Rivera.. yes he is the biggest media whore ever, but Fox is NOT apologizing for hiring HIM

No after all your questions, I guess the real story is gonna be a let down;

Fox has apologized for showing a T-shirt with the slogan "fuck da Eagles" in primetime during its coverage of the New Orleans Saints/Philadelphia Eagles NFL playoff game Saturday, Jan. 13.

Unlike much live TV programming these days, the game had no delay. "It was unintentional, inadvertent, and we apologize," said Fox Sports spokesman Dan Bell.

The Parents Television Council has asked its members to complain to the FCC about the on-camera profanity, saying it had "no doubt" it was intentional. But the FCC would be unlikely to act on that or any other profanity complaints until a federal court has ruled on a challenge by broadcasters, including Fox, to its new profanity-enforcement policy.

See it was not that big a deal except to the reichwingnut censor committee Brent "the censor in chief" Bozell sponsors....

fuck da Parents Television Council and Brent Bozell ... hey finally something Pussboy might be qualified to do .... Since Pussboy always takes everything so literally ... yes I know they are NOT sheep, but Bozell has that beard Pussboy can run his fingers through ...... what ya think Rocky?

The AFA (American Family Association...bunch of right wing wackos) is even talking about this story. I'm on their email list and got an email about this yesterday I think. Fox & the White House never do things by accident. The End.
fuck da cowboys
Fox hasn't the time to apologize for their racist, arrogant, anti-everyone but Bush news network, when they have to apologize for something more important than Iraq or the Bush administration corruption.
Fuck da cowboys!!!!!
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