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Helicopter crashes that have taken the lives of our soldiers....

It's kind of interesting to me. A US helicopter goes down in Iraq yesterday and twelve of our brave soldiers die in the crash. It's first reported as a 'malfunction' of the plane, but then as the day goes on or as the hours go by, it's changed to 'illegally armed militias' are suspected of taking this helicopter down by using a rocket propelled grenade or whatever. Hmmmmm....'illegally armed militias'? Who are these people? Are they ones that are being armed by the Saudi royals? Don't know! All I know is the civil war in this illegal occupation is getting much worse and the Bush Regime is too embarrassed to say that too! They keep saying 'dust storms' or 'malfunctions' are causing these crashes, when in reality, they just don't want to admit that our soldiers are becoming helpless against everyone!

Here is a short chronology of the deadliest days for U.S. forces since the start of the war:


Nov 2 - Chinook helicopter shot down near Falluja. Sixteen U.S. troops killed and 21 others on board hurt.

Nov 15 - Two Black Hawk helicopters collide under fire in Mosul, 17 soldiers killed.


Jan 8 - Black Hawk helicopter shot down near Falluja, killing all nine soldiers aboard.

April 29 - Car bomb near Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad, kills eight U.S. soldiers.

Dec 21 - Suicide bomber in Iraqi uniform walks into mess tent at Mosul and kills 21 people, 18 of them Americans, including 14 U.S. troops.


Jan 6 - Seven soldiers killed when a roadside bomb destroys their Bradley fighting vehicle in Baghdad.

Jan 26 - U.S. Marine transport helicopter ferrying troops comes down in western desert, killing 31 aboard.

June 23 - Seven troops, three of them women, killed in Falluja when a suicide car bomber detonates by a Marine truck.

July 24 - Four soldiers killed when a Humvee patrol vehicle is destroyed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad, and four killed when a Bradley fighting vehicle is hit by another bomb in the city.

Aug 3 - Fourteen Marines killed in a roadside bomb blast on a Marine amphibious assault vehicle near Haditha, northwest of Baghdad. A civilian interpreter was also killed.

Dec 1 - Ten U.S. Marines are killed near Falluja in an insurgent bombing. Another is killed in Ramadi.


Jan 5 - Eleven U.S. soldiers are killed in separate incidents the worst of which was the deaths of five in Baghdad when a roadside bomb hit their patrol.

Jan 7 - Eighteen U.S. soldiers are killed, 12 of whom died when a Blackhawk helicopter came down near the town of Tal Afar near Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad.

Aug 27 - Twelve U.S. soldiers killed in total in Iraq mostly in Baghdad.

Oct 17 - Eleven U.S. soldiers killed in separate incidents all around Iraq.

Dec 6 - Ten U.S. soldiers are killed in four incidents around Iraq, some killed by roadside bombs and others in combat.


Jan 20 - A U.S. military helicopter goes down northeast of Baghdad, killing all 13 people aboard, and five soldiers are killed by militiamen in Kerbala. The deaths of 22 soldiers in total were announced, two of which occurred the previous day.

I'm getting sick of this illegal occupation of Iraq! It's time to bring our troops home and let the Sunnis/Shiites/Iranians/Saudis fight it instead. Of course, there's oil there in Iraq, so the Bush Regime really doesn't want to lose control of it to either Iran or Saudi Arabia. What a freaking mess!

Roadside bombs and helicopter ambushes. Pretty chilling. Good idea to put it in a "nutshell" like that. We don't get the oil money and have to pay for every piece of infrastructure we destroy. Most stupid way of waging war ever conceived. That's why left and right are coming together lately; and the middle of the road people are still giving toothless grins and staring blankly into the 5 o'clock news cameras.
Who's idea was it to go into Iraq in the first place by using big fat lies to convince everyone it was a good idea? Oh that's right! It was George W. Bush and Dickless Cheney!

Where were the republicans two weeks ago Bushboy on the war? Oh that's right. They loved it back then! They were all for it! Now that the democrats are in charge they're suddenly not liking it so much. How come Bushboy? Explain it to us!!!!
KayInMaine said...
How come Bushboy? Explain it to us!!!!
1/21/2007 07:22:13 PM

It's like "Rush" said after the election: "thank God I don't have to carry water for these guys anymore."

I'm glad that Shiite women and children aren't being raped anymore. I'm glad Shiite men aren't having their testicals cut out. I know if we leave, that the Shiites will do unto the Sunni's that which was being done to them. We could see the rape-torture-murder of 6 million people on TV. That's not a "good thing"
Yo Puss(sheep fucking jerkoff)boy, the Majority of the Baathist party in Iraq was Shiites, just not the majority of it's upper leadership. Also the majority of the fighters in the military were Shiite just not the majority of the generals son, your so fucking stupid you make statements which RUSH would approve, but since he is a drug addicted fat draft dodginmg gas bag, you are proly JUST like him right gutless?

Some your delusions are just the piss water yopu drank from the neo-cons in 2002 - 2006, some are Faux LIES, and some are the spin the PNAC neo-cons had to make up because their OTHER lies were exposed.

Son you have been PISSED on for years by those same jerks Rush decried after his lies failed to get them re-elected, thus your BOTH all wet.
Bushboy is still carrying the water of the Bush Pigs. Awwwwwww, poor Pig. It must be hard for you to answer pointed questions about them, huh? You don't have any answers because the choices the Bush Pigs have made in the last six years have been atrocious and only they know the answer why they choose evil over good, huh Bushboy.

You're not glad about anything Bushboy. You're too stupid to know that there isn't any good going on over in Iraq. It's an illegal occupation that your president started. My president did not start it. Oh that's right. I haven't had a president for the past six years. I've had a monster running my country.

Bushboy, where's your proof that the women and children of Iraq are not being raped anymore? Huh!!!! Link something so we can read it.
Hey Bushboy! Tell your president and his minions to stop pissing down the backs of Americans and the Iraqis and telling us it's raining!

They're liars and deceivers and Bushboy, you love them. You're a scumbag too for this reason alone.
KayInMaine said...
Bushboy, where's your proof that the women and children of Iraq are not being raped anymore? Huh!!!! Link something so we can read it.

Just a little further left, and you'll be right. I love it.
Sorry PUSSBOY but as usual son YOU failed to ansdwer the question son,

BTW Clyde, if the RAPES of the Iraqi's ended with the US invasion, why are Army soldiers from Ft Campbell charged with R-A-P-E?

Why is a former soldier who served withthem being charged with Rape and murder, the RAPE of a 14 year old girl?

A former soldier named Green?

On trial in a Unites States Coutrt House in louisville Kentucky?

Damn son your as bad on these facts as you are on Iraqi military policy.

Must be the fact you keep eating the PNAC reichwing shit and stuffing your head up you ass to think.
Why is a former soldier who served withthem being charged with Rape and murder, the RAPE of a 14 year old girl?

You know why; it's because we aren't going to stand for that behavior on the part of our troops. Our guys are trained to kill and destroy; not rape and pillage. Do you live in some sort of VA bubble? Is your brain being preserved for scientific research?
No son, but it proves you lie to wit;

I'm glad that Shiite women and children aren't being raped anymore.

1/21/2007 07:54:19 PM

Thus you have little credibility here son,

Like you ever did.
According to Bushboy, Iraq became Atlantis overnight where there is love, peace, and happiness. Everyone is fed, no one is raped, and the streets are so clean....everyone can eat off them!

Bushboy knows he made a stupid statement. Bushboy knows women are raped in his town where he lives. Bushboy knows he is a dumbass. Bushboy is a dumbass.

The End.
Bush won't count chopper crashes as part of the war.

That way his daily troop death count doesn't look as bad.
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