Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Insanity at Betting with other peoples lives.

Like an insane old man who has lost way too much, but can not accept his losses, Bush is trying to bet even more in Iraq.

He meets the definition of insanity,"Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result each time he does it."

He needs an intervention, and since the one poppy arranged failed, it is now up to the congress to begin their intervention with legislation blocking the surge, and then cutting off his authority to keep the troops in Iraq, if he refuses that, then the ultimate intervention...


It is the only sane thing to do then.

breaking news on TP, Bush will push for another 21,500 troops at a cost of $6.8 billion.
Like I said British Gary...insanity. I just did not know about bush taking the tax payers money along with some of their children
Clif, nice post (again)

Clif "Like an insane old man who has lost way too much, but can not accept his losses, Bush is trying to bet even more in Iraq."

I think that's what Nixon did and Bush is exactly this AND MORE.

What Bush has over Nixon is OIL which for a republican means money money money. This forms a greater lust for war than a fear of communism.

Bush is a double authoritarian or a 'double high' according to John Dean.

So we have the worlds most powerful man who is a;
1. psychologically recognised double authoritarian
2. republican and from
3. an oil background

That's three reasons for saying "we're all in deep shit now" and being absolutely correct.

Bush is not JUST refusing to withdraw troops because he's addicted (as your cartoon suggests) or because he is deluded and cannot accept his losses. Bush is refusing to withdraw troops because for him, the loss of control/ownership of ME oil will be the loss of America 50+ years from now. Why?

Because oil is rapidly dwindling and there isn't a single civilisation that is able to remain financially stable with a reduced amount of oil, let alone an absence of oil.

Bush sees the future of America as indelibly linked with the ownership of ME oil. So will his authoritarian followers in the WH and at home.

It explains EVERYTHING, look at the situation from Bush's agenda perspective:

it explains why;
1. so many of America's intelligentsia are prepared to break international and domestic laws (the future of America depends on this agenda)
2. the MSM give the WH so many soft-balls (as above, in addition to not wishing to be seen as traitors)
3. the sock-puppet of Blair (he wants a slice of the pie)
4. there were rewards for Tenet, Rumsfeld (they are 'saving' America in the future)
5. there is this latest escalation in troops (the future of America itself is at stake so there can be NO compromise, he HAS to keep going)
6. the dead troops are 'just a number' and this will be remembered as a 'comma in history' (because 50+ years from now, Americans are not going to give a SHIT about those who died today. They will only care about how they will be able to afford to raise their own kids, heat their houses, build new businesses, supply new products etc. in a world where very few have oil)
7. Bush is convinced he will be remembered in the future as a great leader
8. the talking heads will say ANYTHING to rally to their cause
etc. etc.

This is what makes Bush SO dangerous. You may like to think he's stupid because he's no orator, but that is distracting from his AGENDA.

He is NOT stupid, he's utterly, utterly ruthless and CONVINCED he is saving America when the world runs out of oil which will not be too long now.

Bush will NOT consider renewable energy, biofuel etc. because he is from an OIL background and that is what filters his view of the world. Plus he panders to an elite base of republicans who want money NOW and damn the consequences because they'll be dead so it won't be their problem.

I wish I was wrong but I know I'm not. Understanding Bush's agenda explains everything.

So why are we all "in deep shit now"? As America and Britain rapes the ME Do you think China and Russia are just going to sit back? Do you think the SCO are going to turn a blind eye? Do you think as the Sunnis are exterminated in Iraq the other major Sunni states Egypt, S. Arabia and Iran are going to bury their heads in the sand? Do you think Al Qaeda are getting weaker as time goes by? Do you think the Govt. of Pakistan is getting stronger as time goes by?
And I've a pretty good idea what you'd say to those questions Clif...
I feel for Marcus, for all the young troops who fell for the propaganda, for my troops who had no choice, for the majority of moderate peaceful people of the ME, for all the peaceful people of the world whose voices have been bastardised by the world's most powerful man enabled by the world's most frightened people (authoritarian followers).
The only intervention that will help Roulette Georgie, is the intervention he would receive in Federal prison.
As more and more of our money (that we don't have) is spent outside our country, we weaken as a democracy, which is what certain people want, I'm sure.
For GW to play his little game and immerse us closer to this end, well, if Clinton was taken to task for "sex" or whatever, this guy shoulda been dealt with the
Day Before Yesterday! ; (
that would be funny if it wasnt so true.
Impeach the bastard and the rest of the warmongering thieves in the White House!!!
Clif, I'm loving the cartoon by the way!!! You find some doosies. ;-)
Gary I posted this on another thread but it fits with your post;

Kay, bush admitted they have put a second air craft carrier into the Persian Gulf region.

They want two carriers when they have plans to either severely escalate combat operations, or expand the war, especially when Israel is planning on attacking Iranian nuclear sites, possibly with Nuclear weapons.

A second carrier allows them a much enlarged air presence which is one of the US militaries larges advantages over everyone else in the region.

They want more firepower especially if they can get Iran to fire at the US or Israel in response to Israels attack.

This would allow the naval air assets to attack some targets close top Iraq in Iran at the same time Bush sends the B-2 bombers from Missouri to attack larger military and infrastructure targets in Iran.

they might be planning to enlarge the war in Iraq into a regional war including Iran, and try to get Syria to attack Israel, which would give the neo-cons the war they have always wanted. If they get it, Bush would have the ability to enlarge the military and send troops for extended deployments and try to destroy Iran and install a puppet government there, which would make the Saudis happy and force the region to accept the US as the dominate player for decades, too bad the Iranians are not going to cooperate any better than the Iraqi have.

Gary Bush is not just doubling down in Iraq...he is subtly trying to draw the other countries he dislikes their governments in that region into the conflict so he can destroy them like he destroyed Iraq.

He along with the neo-cons probably think if they destroy enough, they can control the region and get the US oil companies to develop the oil and steal the money for them and their friends.

It is like he has lost every bet he has made so far so he is trying a hail mary bet for all, but I fear he will end up with nothing but a larger fiasco and a hell of a lot more dead Americans and people in the region.

And the horrific blowback we as a country will face when it all collapses..

1979 in Iran was because of 1953 coup by the CIA there.

The "jihadists" are fighting back against the western occupiers of their country both militarily or those who prop up totalitarian governments who play the western foreign policy against the will and wishes of their people...Bush is making a bigger gamble with this escalation in Iraq then he did in the initial invasion.

he is betting it all now, but has no real plan to play, he has wasted his good chances with dumsfeld and his political tricks to get his re-election in 2004, that was the time frame he had to win, everything else has been a slow fight to prevent what we face today...and will, face in the near future. a defeat that will far overshadow Saigon April 1975.
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