Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's Just A Number

As Bush announces his troop escalation and probable escalation of the American death toll, the words of Bush spokesman Tony Snow in speaking about the death toll of U.S solders come to mind. "It's Just A Number" were Snow's words.

In the eyes of George W Bush and Tony Snow, those American soldiers who gave their lives for Bush's profit are "Just A Number."

George W Bush and Tony Snow are "Just Horrible Reversions."

To people like George Bush and Tony Snow, people who have never been near combat with out a massive security operation protecting THEM...troops fight and die, they have seen it in the movies. That is probably what they think about when somebody mentions the deaths of US troops. They think that John Wayne died gallantly in the Vietnam era movie "The Green Berets", or that Tom Hanks death in "Saving Private Ryan" was for a good cause. "Band of Brothers" was horrible but at least the deaths of the soldiers were for a good cause. Thus if he can fight a "great war" like WW2, Bush can become a great war president. If he can be successful at his "great war", Bush can have a legacy people will talk about like they do Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan...

Yes to people like George Bush, Tony Snow and neo-cons like Fred Kagan, one author of the idea of "escalating" the war in Iraq merely see the troops as actors in their grand design, and of course some actors die in a war movie....troops were born to fight and die for great ideals, and the neo-cons see themselves as men with great ideals.....thus to them they are just numbers because they never see the troops as people just like themselves.
Wealthy men don't care if they sent our soldiers in to die for THEIR evil agenda that has nothing to do with making the American people safe or to keep our rights as citizens. Oh no...the wealthy men care only about their bottom lines which is money, power, and greed!

Having our soldiers die for them is fun for them. They love death when it brings them good presents. They also don't like hurting their beautiful minds with the ideas that our soldiers who have died suffered prior to their deaths if they didn't get blown to pieces at the moment it happened.

As a mother, I would be thrilled to have my son's teeth come home so I could bury him! Spit. /snark
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