Thursday, January 11, 2007


Looks like we are already at war with Iran...

Right after Bush's abominable speech last night to us, US forces stormed the Iranian Consulate:

U.S. Forces Raid Iranian Consulate in Iraq, Detain 5 (Update2)

By Marc Wolfensberger and Robin Stringer

Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. forces in Iraq raided Iran's consulate in the northern city of Arbil and detained five staff members, a state-run Iranian news service said.

The U.S. soldiers disarmed guards and broke open the consulate's gate before seizing documents and computers during the operation, which took place today at about 5 a.m. local time, the Islamic Republic News Agency said. There was no immediate information on whether any of those detained are diplomats.

The raid follows a warning yesterday to Iran and Syria from President George W. Bush in his address to the American people on a new strategy for Iraq. Bush accused Iran and Syria of aiding the movement of ``terrorists and insurgents'' in and out of Iraq and said the U.S. will ``seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies.''

The bastard! I hate Bush and everyone around him. I want the US military to storm the White House and all other places these assholes go to be arrested and brought up on war crimes. Hitler escaped his punishment but we cannot let Bushitler and his Brownshirts escape their atrocities and war crimes!

Following Bush’s call for an additional 21,500 troops, here’s a comment from Bush;
"Even if our new strategy works exactly as planned, deadly acts of violence will continue – and we must expect more Iraqi and American casualties," Bush said. "The question is whether our new strategy will bring us closer to success. I believe that it will."

Let’s break that statement down. Bear in mind my earlier post about Bush’s AGENDA;

1. “Even if our new strategy works exactly as planned, deadly acts of violence will continue”
So the ‘new’ strategy does not contain a plan to stop the violence…

2. “and we must expect more Iraqi and American casualties”
So the ‘new’ strategy expects further death and maiming……

3. “The question is whether our new strategy will bring us closer to success”
It depends how you define SUCCESS! If your definition of success is;
a. stop terrorism and weaken Al Qaeda
b. protect America and it’s citizens
c. bring democracy to the ME
d. help stabilise a democratic Govt.
e. bring freedom and moderation to the ME
f. prevent the spread of WMD

Then you have NOT been successful. If however, your definition of success is;

g. to overthrow a sovereign nation (using anti-terrorism as a cover to protect yourself from charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes)
h. to dominate a region of the ME initially using a puppet Govt. and just enough military
i. to be able to use the military domination to build massive permanent bases
j. so you can use the bases to secure oil supply and refinement
k. and prepare for a wider military campaign into Iran’s SW corner (using anti-WMD proliferation as a cover to protect yourself from charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes)
l. to steal and control more ME oil for America
m. and keep the area weakened in a religious civil war so they are weakened against your real agenda
Then the strategy is so far is a BRILLIANT SUCCESS.

4. “I believe that it will”
So the strategy from points g. to m. have Bush/Rice/Cheney/Gonzales running hand-in-hand into a genocidal war (from a Shiite and Geneva Conventions perspective). You’d have to be RUTHLESS mind you, but if you’ve read John Dean’s book ‘Conservatives Without Conscience’ you’ll see how he measures double authoritarians and who they are.

Bush’s speech also included; "We are also taking other steps to……..protect American interests in the Middle East" and “Failure in Iraq would be a disaster for the United States.”

See if you can analyse Bush’s mind better than I have done to determine his Real Agenda, remember you’ll need to be able to explain a lot of history very accurately. You’ll also have to account for latest AP reports like this;

“By stepping up the American military presence in Iraq, President Bush is not only inviting an epic clash with the Democrats who run Capitol Hill; he is ignoring public opinion and the results of the November elections, rejecting the central thrust of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group and flouting the advice of some of his own generals, as well as of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq” Sheryl Gay Stolberg writes.
“The plan, outlined by the president in stark, simple tones in a 20-minute speech from the White House library, is vintage George Bush – bull-headed, even delusional about the prospects for success in Iraq in the eyes of critics; resolute and principled in the eyes of admirers. It is the latest evidence that the president is convinced that he is right and that history will vindicate him, even if that vindication comes long after he is gone from the Oval Office.”

I won’t hold my breath.
So how do you destabilise Iran to get their oil too?

Easy, as Clif has pointed out, support Israel as they strike against Iran with aircraft carrier air domination and anti-missile Patriot missiles. Continue air barrages (several shock-and-awes) until Iran's infrastructure is destroyed. Put in a second ME puppet Govt. America's done this before....

Will Israel launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran to start this new war off? All they have to do is implement a strike against themselves and make it look as though Iran attacked Israel. Does anyone here doubt the callousness of the Mossad?
Larry, seriously, unless you impeach your pResident within several weeks WWIII is a real possibility.

Saudi Arabia has already slapped Cheney's hands when they summoned him over before Xmas. They will not tolerate the destruction of the Sunnis.
Egypt has already made it's position clear.
UAE has already stated it will not allow flights from it's bases into Iran.
Turkey has already stated they WILL invade N.Iraq if the Kurdish assaults it's S. Turkey borders are not suppressed.
UK has already stated 'no more troops' and WILL withdraw 3000 from Iraq (Basra) by the end of May 2007.
Italy have already withdrawn their troops.

To hold both;
1. Iraq and
2. Iran

and contain;

3. the Taliban from Afghanistan and 4. Al Queda from Pakistan

with allies;

5. withdrawing their troops
6. limiting America's use of their bases
7. turning against America to support their religious factions

You will be heavily reliant on support from Israel who will be attacked by both;

8. Hamas and
9. Hezbollah.

Bush will HAVE to implement a draft.

And THAT'S when China and Russia get involved. They will NOT allow America to dominate the world's oil supply.
I wrote this post British Gary (Kay).

I think it's time for a military coup of the White House and all the buildings these warmongering Pigs hang out at!

Bush is not caring what the Constitution says, gives himself signing statements to ignore the laws in this country, won't listen to the Generals and those that speak out against him are pushed out, and he doesn't care who is in power in the House & Senate and doesn't care how much protesting is going on in this country, HE WILL DO WHATEVER HE WANTS.

If our military is patriotic and has respect for the republic, then it's time for them to do a military coup d'etat of our current government to restore it back to what it was prior to 2000. They will not be taking over our country, rather, will put it on hold so the people of this country can re-elect new leaders! a
I know you did Kay, good post.

I was writing to Larry who has posted several threads concerning WWIII.

Americans are going to have to begin demonstrations akin to those of the Vietnam era or you are all heading for a sandy place. Bush will NEVER withdraw, he's convinced the future of America lies on dominating ME oil, he will implement a draft, introduce military law, WHATEVER it takes because he's a RUTHLESS double authoritarian.
Bush is NOT mad. He is NOT stupid. He is NOT insane.

Bush IS a typical double authoritarian republican. That's all. The reason he defies everyone else is because of the importance of his Real Agenda. That's all.
In a world where oil is becoming scarce and a double authoritarian republican from an oil background is the world's most powerful man, what other behaviour would you expect?

Bush is NOT insane! Why? Because his behaviour is absolutely predictable!

Every military strategist has made clear the folly of invading Iran. Iran today is NOT the Iran of yesterday. The entire Muslim world will rise against you and oil prices will wreak havoc on the global economy. None of this bothers Bush in the slightest because in his eyes, the future of America is at stake so ANY sacrifice made now, whatever the financial/bloodshed costs, will be worth it in the future. And in the future, Americans really won't give two shits about what's happening today if America wins WWIII. Just as the troops today have learned SOD ALL from WWII, let alone Vietnam. The future troops/people will be the same. Bush knows this.

The military won't stage a coup of the WH - I agree that it NEEDS to - because the military are mostly kids who know NOTHING of Vietnam and are completely immersed in kool-aid propaganda.

Sorry Kay, but he way I see it, the only people who can stop Bush and WWIII is PEOPLE LIKE YOU DOING SOMETHING RATHER THAN TYPING AT HOME…..

You are right, Bush is leading us to WWIII and he veiled that declaration of war on Iran last night in his escalation speech.

Bush needs the same treatment that he gave to Saddam.
Ooooooooooo.....look what China has just built with it's MASSIVE increase in military budget since holding China's first-ever joint military excercise with Russia:
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