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A New Report on Global Warming is soon to be Released

Get ready for the reichwingnut to go batsh*t crazy, and to screech like baboons about something they really know very little about;

WHY you ask, because Human-caused global warming is here — visible in the air, water and melting ice — and is destined to get much worse in the future, an authoritative global scientific report will warn next week.

From the report;

"The smoking gun is definitely lying on the table as we speak,"said top U.S. climate scientist Jerry Mahlman, who reviewed all 1,600 pages of the first segment of a giant four-part report. "The evidence ... is compelling."

Andrew Weaver, a Canadian climate scientist and study co-author, went even further: "This isn't a smoking gun; climate is a batallion of intergalactic smoking missiles."

The report is going to be rolled out in stages.

The first phase of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is being released in Paris next week. This segment, written by more than 600 scientists and reviewed by another 600 experts and edited by bureaucrats from 154 countries, includes "a significantly expanded discussion of observation on the climate," co-chair Susan Solomon a senior scientist for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She and other scientists held a telephone briefing on the report Monday.

That report will feature an "explosion of new data" on observations of current global warming, Solomon said.

Solomon and others wouldn't go into specifics about what the report says. They said that the 12-page summary for policymakers will be edited in secret word-by-word by governments officials for several days next week and released to the public on Feb. 2. The rest of that first report from scientists will come out months later.

The full report will be issued in four phases over the year, as was the case with the last IPCC report, issued in 2001.

Global warming is "happening now, it's very obvious," said Mahlman, a former director of NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab who lives in Boulder, Colo. "When you look at the temperature of the Earth, it's pretty much a no-brainer."

Look for an "iconic statement" — a simple but strong and unequivocal summary — on how global warming is now occurring, said one of the authors, Kevin Trenberth, director of climate analysis at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, also in Boulder.

The February report will have "much stronger evidence now of human actions on the change in climate that's taken place," Rajendra K. Pachauri told the AP in November. Pachauri, an Indian climatologist, is the head of the international climate change panel.

An early version of the ever-changing draft report said "observations of coherent warming in the global atmosphere, in the ocean, and in snow and ice now provide stronger joint evidence of warming."

And the early draft adds: "An increasing body of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on other aspects of climate including sea ice, heat waves and other extremes, circulation, storm tracks and precipitation."

The world's global average temperature has risen about 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit from 1901 to 2005. The two warmest years on record for the world were 2005 and 1998. Last year was the hottest year on record for the United States.

The report will draw on already published peer-review science. Some recent scientific studies show that temperatures are the hottest in thousands of years, especially during the last 30 years; ice sheets in Greenland in the past couple years have shown a dramatic melting; and sea levels are rising and doing so at a faster rate in the past decade.

Also, the second part of the international climate panel's report — to be released in April — will for the first time feature a blockbuster chapter on how global warming is already changing health, species, engineering and food production, said
NASA scientist Cynthia Rosenzweig, author of that chapter.

As confident as scientists are about the global warming effects that they've already documented, they are as gloomy about the future and even hotter weather and higher sea level rises. Predictions for the future of global warming in the report are based on 19 computer models, about twice as many as in the past, Solomon said.

In 2001, the panel said the world's average temperature would increase somewhere between 2.5 and 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit and the sea level would rise between 4 and 35 inches by the year 2100. The 2007 report will likely have a smaller range of numbers for both predictions, Pachauri and other scientists said.

The future is bleak, scientists said.

"We have barely started down this path," said chapter co-author Richard Alley of Penn State University.

That is why;

Executives push Bush on climate change

The chief executives of 10 major corporations and business groups, on the eve of the State of the Union address, urged
President Bush on Monday to support mandatory reductions in climate-changing pollution and establish reductions targets.

"We can and must take prompt action to establish a coordinated, economy-wide market-driven approach to climate protection," the executives from a broad range of industries said in a letter to the president.

Bush, who in the past has rejected mandatory controls on carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse" gases, was expected to address climate change in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, but has repeatedly argued that voluntary efforts are the best approach.

Major industry groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers continue to oppose so-called "cap and trade" proposals to cut climate changing pollution, mainly carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.

But the 10 executives, representing major utilities, aluminum and chemical companies and financial institutions, said mandatory reductions are needed and that "the cornerstone of this approach" should be a cap-and-trade system.

The officials, expected to elaborate on their plan at a news conference later Monday, include the chief executives Alcoa Inc., PB America Inc., DuPont Co., Caterpillar Inc., General Electric Co., and Duke Energy Corp.

In the letter they urged Congress to enact legislation "to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

The first days of the new Democratically controlled Congress has seen a rush of legislation introduced to address climate change, all of which have some variation of a cap-and-trade approach to dealing with climate change.

Among those pushing cap-and-trade climate bills are two leading presidential aspirants, Sens. Barack, D-Ill. and John McCain , R-Ariz.

Essentially such a mechanisms would have mandatory limits of greenhouse gas emissions, but would allow companies to trade emission credits to reduce the cost. Companies that can't meet the cap could purchase credits from those that exceed them or in some case from a government auction.

Also signing the letter to Bush were the executives of Lehman Brothers, PG&E Corp., PNM Resources, FPL Group and four leading environmental organizations.

Well, well, well, after fighting the very idea of Global Warming for years, because of losing an election and a new report, the reichwing masters are trying to usurp the movement to do something about Global warming. They backed Bush and the repugnant politicians as they totally ignored the looming problems for almost a decade, but with the change in the political weather, they are trying to get ahead of the coming storm and delay the coming political and industrial changes we will have to make in stages to prevent a incredible disaster in the end of this century ....

Too bad for mental midgets like Busboy, and the trolls here and elsewhere on the tubes, this report is gonna be hard to deny when major corporations accept it and are willing to accept even modest changes they fought intensely just last year. If they are this willing to compromise right now, they are not gonna like the swell of anger and demands for changes once the true depth of the problem gets out to the general public, and the people of this planet demand something more than a rich bottom line.

The reichwingnuts are about to go batshit insane and howl like banshees at this report , but too bad for them, they could have done something but they were just too ignorant and greedy, so they are being pushed aside so people who want more out of life than a rich bank account and more stock options can have a life worth living on a planet where that is possible.

Clif, please don't EVER mention the name of any of the trolls that come to my blog! Why? Because they don't deserve any attention, that's why.

From now on, please refer to them all as:

Fascist Pigs
Bush-supporting Losers

Okay? They honestly don't deserve top billing anywhere on the Internet! They are the freaks who are ruining our country, so why mention them by name?


And you're correct...these same right wingers will spin the truth any way they can to make themselves look good and to take the blame off themselves! This is what they're doing about the global warming issue. Rolling back close to 300 environmental policies during 2001 has had a great impact on the environment! Pretty much the corporations are free to do what they want. Spit.
**Don't mention them in ANY OF THE POSTS is what I meant to say in the first sentence to you Clif. I've been mentioned in some posts across the Internet and all it does is feed the ego and gives attention to me. This is what you are doing by giving Dumboy any attention by putting his name in your posts!

Stop giving the evil spiders any more attention. Tell them to eff-off instead by grouping them all together.

Thank you. ;-)

(I'm a little pissed off at them because of the hack job they've done to this blog. Switching to Wordpress here soon is going to be so awesome!)
Good stuff on global climate change.

This was precisely my topic of interest during my meteorology graduate school days and subsequently when working for the USGCRP.

Whoever wrote it -- Kay? Larry? -- really knows their stuff.
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