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Sen. Susan Collins is feeling the effect of loyalty

Senator Susan Collins of Maine for the last three years has worked feverishly to revamp the Postal Service in this country. The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act legislation she worked on was passed and signed by President Bush recently.

Here are some highlights of the legislation:

*Introduces new safeguards against unfair competition by the Postal Service in competitive markets. Subsidization of competitive products by market-dominant products would be expressly forbidden, and an appropriate allocation of institutional costs to competitive products would be required.

*Transforms the existing Postal Rate Commission into the Postal Regulatory Commission with greatly enhanced authority to ensure that the Postal Service management has greater latitude and stronger oversight. Among other things, the Postal Regulatory Commission will have the authority to regulate rates for non-competitive products and services; ensure financial transparency; establish limits on the accumulation of retained earnings by the Postal Service; obtain information from the Postal Service, if need be, through the use of new subpoena power; and review and act on complaints filed by those who believe the Postal Service has exceeded its authority.

*Requires the Postal Service to file with the Postal Regulatory Commission certain Securities and Exchange Commission financial disclosure forms, along with detailed annual reports on the status of the Postal Service's pension and postretirement health obligations in order to ensure increased financial transparency.

*Reaffirms USPS employees' right to collectively bargain. This bill only makes changes to the bargaining process that have been agreed to by both the Postal Service and the four major unions. It replaces the rarely used fact-finding process with mediation, and shortens statutory deadlines for certain phases of the bargaining process.

*Repeals a provision of Public Law 108-18 that required money owed to the Postal Service due to an overpayment into the Civil Service Retirement System Fund to be held in an escrow account, which would essentially "free up" $78 billion over a period of 60 years. These savings would be used not only to pay off debt to the U.S. Treasury but also to fund health care liabilities, and mitigate rate increases.

*Returns to the Department of Treasury the responsibility for funding CSRS pension benefits relating to the military service of postal retirees. No other agency is required to make this payment.
I agree we need a postal service that is highly efficient and one that is competitive. Who wouldn't want that? And who would take a piece of legislation like this and turn it around and use it as a way to invade the privacy of the American people? Well, I know one person and that is President Bush. As soon as he put pen to paper to turn this Act into law, he issued an Executive Order stating that he can construe any part of this legislation that he deems fit. What he basically did was give authority to himself and others to go through the mail of US citizens. He can open our mail without us knowing! Oh for the love of Pete...

The executive branch shall construe subsection 404(c) of title 39, as enacted by subsection 1010(e) of the Act, which provides for opening of an item of a class of mail otherwise sealed against inspection, in a manner consistent, to the maximum extent permissible, with the need to conduct searches in exigent circumstances, such as to protect human life and safety against hazardous materials, and the need for physical searches specifically authorized by law for foreign intelligence collection.
So where is the outrage from Senator Susan Collins on this? Oh that's right, she said this in response to Bush's signing statement (now 801? No one knows.):

Sen. Susan Collins (news, bio, voting record), R-Maine, who guided the measure through the Senate, called on Bush to clarify his intent.

The bill, Collins said, "does nothing to alter the protections of privacy and civil liberties provided by the Constitution and other federal laws."

"The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 and our federal criminal rules require prior judicial approval before domestic sealed mail can be searched," she said.
Interesting. I guess loyalty to Bush isn't working too good for Susan. She's been the cheerleader on many occassions for Bush's agenda for the past six years on such things as the Patriot Act (allows the Bush Administration to wiretap our phones without a warrant) and the Military Commissions Act (she even denounced this one publically, but then couldn't wait to show up and vote 'aye' for it!), but now that she's put forth a piece of legislation, she apparently never thought that Bush would go behind her back and take away the right to privacy afforded to the American citizens in this country!

Well, I have a couple of notes to Senator Susan Collins: if you had the American people and the US Constitution/Bill of Rights in your mind in the first place, then you never would have voted in favor for either one of these un-Constitutional and un-Patriotic pieces of legislation, and, you've created a madman in the White House by never standing up against this tyrannt! You have allowed him to invade our telephone calls, you've allowed him to detain (and torture!) anyone in this country without a reason, without a warrant, to be held indefinately without access to a lawyer, and all done in front of a secret court that even you don't have access to, and now your piece of legislation has allowed him to open up our mail if he deems any of us to be terrorists or enemy combatants or for whatever other reason he may conclude on any particular day! Do you see what your loyalty has gotten us? Americans such as myself and others have cried foul all these years and now that you've gotten the 'Unitary Executive' bitch-slap in the face, suddenly you're outraged and suddenly you're talking about the rights of the American people! Wow!

You're too late now Susan. Americans have warned you and others like you that Bush is slowly and silently taking the rights of the American away. The fact that in this Executive Order (or signing statement) he is referred to as the 'Unitary Executive'. Do you even know what that means? That means that he has deemed himself the 'King of America' where the little people have to go by the rules and where he does not.

What rights are our soldiers fighting for in Iraq? The right to allow the president to do what he wants? If that's how you're seeing it Susan, then it's time to lose your job in 2008. You're working for us and we have the power to kick you out!!!

This Susan Collins/Bush Postal reform is nothing more than to take away the rights of the Postal workers and their unions, and the rights of citizens to have security in their mail.

Doing away with the " seldom used" mediation in collective bargaining is taking away the one tool workers and their union has to get grievances resolved, safety issue dealt with and contract negotiations flowing without an unfair impass.

This is a blatant attempt at Bush and Susan Collins to destroy the Postal Workers Unions, and the privacy of the American people.
Good call Larry. I wasn't even thinking of the effect of this legislation on the Postal Workers and their Union! Disgusting. My father was part of (and he still may be...not sure) the paper Union here in Maine forever. When he retired in 1999, the Union was 4000 strong. Now? Well, let's just say I would be pushing it if I said 400. It's actually less than that. Ever since S.D. Warren Paper Mill sold the company to a South African company (it's called Sappy Paper now), the place has gone down hill. They're not union friendly at all!!!

This article was sent to me today by a friend at Progressive Exchange:

Our country needs strong unions again and the only way to get that would be to fire the current fascists in the White House and all levels thereof!
Bush dismantled much of the Government workers unions because of "Homeland Security" and many states are eliminating state workers unions by doing the same thing Collins and Bush asa proposing.

The Postal Workers union is one of the largest unions in the country, and also one of the weakest because of government regulation.
The legislation By Susan Collins is a continuation of the Reagan Mantra of removing the rights of people to fight against the very rich and powerful in this country.

He first went after the poorest of the poor, deriding their poverty with a very degrading term..."welfare queens".

And he attacked the air traffic controllers unions, this attack on the under classes of this country continued with dismantling programs to give normal people a say in their lives by removing legal aid for poor people, and destroying large parts of the safety net, whether by under funding it to force people to wait longer and longer time periods to apply AND recieve help, raising the qualification standards, placing time limits which ignore personal situations, or lowering the payments until they fail to meet the requirements of the poor to survive or simply cutting the programs all together, then BLAME people because the cost of living has risen faster than their compensation for their labor has.

Out sourcing the manufacturing jobs out of this country was a simple way to destroy the unions because with NO unionized jobs the unions would have NO paying membership.

Bush is a simpleton who thinks he and the people who live in his silver foot in the mouth class have a birth right to their position and power and those born less fortunate are simply a lower class of people because of where GOD put them. He does not say the words, BUT acts exactly that way in his requests for legislation, and executive actions. He protects the most rich and powerful of this society against those who are exploited by the rich moneyed class.

bush is the symptom of the problem, the disease is arrogance and greed, which Jesus said were sins, and would limit the person who follows that path to any reward in an afterlife.

However the reichwing pretend christians IGNORE his sermons and warnings to look for justification in the OLD Testament, even though Jesus explained how those old rules had been changed.

Jesus Christ would NO more support the policies of George W Bush than he did the Pharisees or Sadducee's of his day. And if he came back with the same message today speaking to the gutless repugnants who howl for war in his name, they would put him the cell next to Jose Padilla and treat him the same way.

Jesus spoke more about care for the POOR than any questions of supposed family values, he wanted the rich to GIVE much because they were given much, and decried GREED everywhere he saw it. Too bad the repugnants starting with Reagan made greed more important than the message of Jesus Christ, and promote greed over people.
It's so sick what the Bush & Reaganites have done to our country! Can you imagine if neither presidency never happend? Wow. I can. We'd be a much better and more stable country than we are now.
clif said..Jesus spoke more about care for the POOR than any questions of supposed family values, he wanted the rich to GIVE much because they were given much.

Where the hell do you live? In Oklahoma the only starving kids are those their parents choose to starve. The only people w/o a job are those who refuse to work. Get that weak shit outta here!
Let's get real. All the postal employees have to be able to do is to READ!!! and deliver mail. It's not rocket science! Their benefits and salary are over $30 a ****ing hour! We are basically paying highschool grads 6 times the minimum wage to put a piece of paper in a marked box!! Kindergartners can put a square peg into a square hole!! Is there a tipping point where educated people will finally say:: Hey, we're being screwed??
The message of Jesus Christ to the world is "weak shit"?

I'm glad you cleared that one up son, and hopefully you'll get to tell him that personally someday son.
According to Bushboy, everyone in Oklahoma is working and is not starving. Wow! Post your links on that one Bushboy!

The neocons don't like the Unions in this country because it demands the employers to be good to their employees. Neocons would rather have people chained to their machines for $3/hr, with no vacation, or not medical benefits. Hey, if the children of these employees starve to death or die from some disease, that's okay to the neocons, because as long as the baby is not in a petre dish, they don't care what happens!

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