Friday, January 12, 2007


Senators Susan Collins & Joe Lieberman...

...are the White House's official liquid paper to hide their incompetency and whose relationship will never die. Would you just look at them! How lucky Americans are to have this loving couple running the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee! It's a love fest people....a love fest! I swear...if their oversight meetings didn't have cameras in the room, these two would be rolling around on the floor in a frothing embrace and sucking each other's faces off.

Miss Susan and Mr. "I'm a traitor to everyone who is not a GOPer!" Joe have a common bond between them...George W. Bush (and those that appease him) and making sure they do nothing (nothing I tell ya!) to make him or any of his minions look bad or incompetent. Yes, these two work diligently to put clothing on America's 'naked emperor' and his gang. They truly are the "White Out for the King". Now, why do I mention their undying loyalty? Remember hurricane Katrina that devastated the Gulf Coast in August of 2005 and during this storm Condi Rice was shoe shopping in NYC while George Bush was playing guitar and eating cake with John McCain to raise money all the while our fellow Americans were drowning in their attics? That's why I mention all of this. I'm still upset with Susan & Joe and what they didn't do!

The reason why our system of government has these oversight committees is to provide oversight of our government officials no matter what level they are on. Well, back in 2005, Ms. Susan Collins who was Chairman at the time of the Senate Homeland Security committee REFUSED to subpoena the White House after this heartwrenching, history making storm. Even after all of the Gulf States declared a Federal Emergency, which put the responsibility mostly in the hands of the Federal Government at that point forward, ole Susan didn't think calling Bush or the members of his Cabinet to come testify before her was the right thing to do and she made a point of saying this:

"As a result of our efforts, we have a clear window into the functioning and role of the White House in the days before and after Hurricane Katrina made landfall," Collins said.

She added: "In my judgment, such subpoenas are neither warranted nor appropriate."
She had a "clear" window? Her clear window was smeared with her own White Out liquid! Bush was playing guitar and had to be shown a videotape of the aftermath of this catastrophe, because he had no freaking clue what was going on and it was his incompetency along with those under him that led to more suffering of the people of all the states effected! Oh for the love of...

What really irked me is she also said back then, she didn't want to impede on the investigation that the White House was doing on themselves. Uh huh. Well, that investigation, Susan, consisted of Bush in the bathroom of his personal quarters in the White House with him talking to an imaginary Michael Brown using a tin can and string phone with one end to his left ear and the other end to his right ear!

Fast forward to today and we now have Joe Lieberman as the Chairman of this same committee and he has announced that he will not subpoena anyone in the White House and will not bog down the nation to get to the bottom of what really happened. Bog us down? Americans want an investigation! He now says he would much rather focus on protecting our nation. Wow! Noooooow, he's thinking about protecting Americans, of course, Joe hasn't actually said which Americans he plans to focus on protecting, but I get a sneaking suspicion, we will find out at some point. Scary....

The White House has never been investigated to the extent it should have been after hurricane Katrina hit. Unfortunately, our country has the same two bottles of White Out imbeciles at the head of the committee that is to make sure our government is doing their jobs when it comes to protecting Americans then...and now. Incredible.

Senator Susan Collins won't be able to find a backbone to do what is right for our country by demanding that an investigation be done of the White House for the benefit of the Katrina victims and to uphold the checks and balances our nation insists on. It doesn't matter that she is on an oversight committee that could do good for all of us either. She has the power to make right with Americans, but she won't. Most infuriating is her relationship with Senator Joe Lieberman, which is obviously more important to her at this point. He is a man who has lost any integrity that he once had. He's a liar, a deceiver, and is not loyal to America. This could explain why they're so close...they have more than one common bond between them!

Great, just great.

i wrote about this too kay.

susan collins is making an effort to be part of the "cool crowd".. the republicans against bush.

shes running for re-election (even though she said she wasnt) and knows that being anti-bush is the only way to get elected.
I hate her Chris. I'm so sick of her!!!!

She's a cameleon in every sense of the word.
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