Friday, January 19, 2007


The speech we all want bush to give....

This is the ONLY speech I ever want the hear come out of the mouth of George Bush.

Hopefully he will give it soon.

Here Here.

If only those majoc words would come soon.
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That would be great! Cheney wouldn't be afraid to "kick ass".
president cheney? no f'n thank you.

first act? pardon libby, bush, and himself if he can.
Sorry Pussboy as soon as the Scooter Libby trial gets going Cheney is gonna have to testify which will give the US Congress far more than enough legal ammo to oust that lying SOS at any point.

Damn man you as lousy at political prognostication as you are at making medical diagnosis on the tubes, your dumb as that tree you corn hole when the sheep are too fast for you.
Man, those were the days...
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