Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Surge On King George

Self-proclaimed American Emperor George W Bush stood before the world and announced a "Surge" or escalation of his war for oil scheme.

Emperor Bush also announced to the world his veiled plans to "Surge" into Iran and Syria with his war to conquer the oil of the Mideast.

Emperor Bush's speech was filled with "empty promises, mindless blather, shameless demagoguery and facist theoracy among other fabrications."

American Emperor George W Bush - liar, fabricator, maker of wars, destroyer of innocent lives. An American icon in his own evil mind.

Well considering Bush has been in denial about everything else he has failed at, his saying mistakes have been made is improvement, but please impeach the dumb Fuck and put him in the Betty Ford clinic to work out his personal problems which obviously he has never done before.

At the same time impeach cheney and put him beside Scooter Libby for outing a CIA asset, undercutting the countries security at the time of war.
I wish they would hang Bush and bury him along side Saddam since he was supposedly so obsessed with him.
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