Tuesday, January 16, 2007


There is a "quite" revolution a foot, but not one we really want...

There is a quite revolution a foot. It involves the United States justice Department, and the US Attorneys for each district of the justice department. These people decide who the United States takes to trial, and what they charge them with. In larger cases they actually lead the prosecution.

The people like Patrick Fitzgerald who is the US attorney in Chicago, who was picked to look into the Valerie Plame affair and is NOW prosecuting Scooter Libby for LYING. Since they have such enormous power over ordinary citizens as well as the rich and powerful, they usually are nominated by the attorney general and approved by the Senate. Well in the patriot act there is a provision that allows the president to replace the attorneys without any senate approval at all.

Bush is wasting NO time at all, seven so far and counting. He has replaced a US attorney in Arkansas with a repugnant sycophant which has spent the last ten years helping people like Karl Rove and the republican national committee.

In San Diego Bush has gone after the Attorney who prosecuted Duke Cunningham for his corruption, could the message be ..if you prosecute the wrong people your career is over?

He is also going after the US prosecutor, Kevin V. Ryan, who is overseeing the investigation of backdating of stock options. It has cost a few rich CEO's their jobs and must have caused a few late night phone calls to the White House in protest. Message, leave the rich CEO’s alone...

Not only has Bush tried to stack the courts with reichwingnut judges to decide for their benefactors, but he is also stacking the prosecuting attorney Offices of this country with similar minded people to make sure the trials they seek are politically correct from a political standpoint for them also.

In the future is it possible for corrupt republican political operators and henchmen to act with impunity because the Bush appointed US Attorney will find insufficient the act or the evidence to bring a prosecution under the law as they will define it, and if they have to prosecute for political reasons they could sabotage their cases in front of Bush appointed judges who want to find that particular person not guilty.

Remember the decision of Bush v Gore if you think this type of justice is not possible...

This type of revolution in the US Justice system we definitely do not need.

Very interesting Clif:

I wasn't aware of this but it makes sense as Bush used the courts to get into power.

They would probably like to help Scooter that way but I think he will get a pardon.
Wow Clif, I just read your article, about the DOJ, do you think Congress will repeal that before 2008 or will they leave it in place so the new Democratic president can get rid of all the ReichWing fools?
The Democrats in control of congress are looking for ways to return the DOJ to complete congressional over sight.

NO president should ever have that much power unchecked.

This is swirling around the tubes so in a day or so it will break into the public cable news cycles, whether it makes the nightly news shows is anybodies guess...it is not good if it gos unchecked.
Clif, you're pathetic! How the hell do you think "lynda Bird Johnson" wound up with all those radio and TV stations in the 70's?? It was political pressure to deny the rights to broadcast license. $30 million in the 70's was big bucks back then. Political power has always gone to secure "big bucks" for the faithful. Your poor asse is just voting for your crooks to replace theirs.
Busboy go back to empty threats son, and of course the sheep......
They were stupid threats, man, not empty ones. I decided to not go there. That will not be an issue.
RIGHT son.....
It was NOT an issue on Americablog son, I just liked how gutless and childish you were being that night
Hey, Clif? Gutless and childish? Maybe misplaced and without appreciation for service? Bringing people down is no part of me. Glad I passed that turn in the road. You want to taunt me about it? Fine. Get after it!
Son your the one who made empty threat after empty threat like a kindergarden child who couldn't get his way.....even when other people told YOU that it was childish, bet you do NOT even know whom I am.....Which might be something the VA would like to know with 28 million vets in this country and all, they ain't got time to check every vet in the system for the one who hurt your widdle feelings boy.
He can't find anyone to cry to so he always shows up here.
Larry he tried to threaten to turn ME into the VA for faking my disability, one night on Americablog... he even was warned by people there how childish he looked, but I was just laughing thinking, he was gonna call the VA and say some guy said he was disabled on the internet on a blog, then he insulted me so I know he is NOT disabled, and I want a BIG investigation, and when they ask HIM for MY name he is gonna say he posts as Clif....silence... then hysterical laughing on the other end of ther phone while the VA counselor laughs them elves silly....and he adds that counselor on the LONG list of people he hates.....

No wonder he is a "busboy" with a mind like that, he is gonna go far in his career.
Larry you do not realize how much it hurts to laugh that hard with a lung infection...it hurt but was SOOOOO funny I just played along poking the frog with a stick and all to watch him jump.
He must really be challenged to think all that was going to take place.
Hell Larry, I wanted to see what he would tell them his "evidence" was, since he has NO clue as to what My disability really is so how was the foole gonna prove I am NOT disabled when he has no clue where to start. and all he has is blog posts to show them, they would laugh about that for MONTHS, and tell new counselors the story for years, hell busboy could become a legend but not the kind he dreams of being. But I guess being a legendary foole is some kind of accomplishment in life.
Hey, Clif, Larry, rejoice and go on down that road. You bluffed me out. Why was that? Think about it.
Son your a FOOLE plain and simple
You bluffede yourself out but I doubt you have the ability to "think about it."
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Rocky your just way too nice to the little troll-boy, he really secretly wants the abuse, he keeps coming back for it after the sheep all escape...
I guess I've got a soft spot for the little pusscake, Clif... he needs a human friend, not just the four-legged companionship he's used to!

You can only find just so much solace in a bag of cheese doodles and agriculture websites!
Well the poor boy does seem to "like" Kay..but he doesn't realize that she can't stand his idiotic posts and arrogance, but it is good of you to try to help him remove the cranium fro his rectum, and help him refind his conscience...
Apologies for getting in the middle of your pissing match with an on-topic comment, but I appreciated the info in your post. Good research, mate. I haven't hit your site before but came via Pottersville.

This firing of judges -- even ones that the Weasel appointed! -- is another one of those subtle rat-gnawings that undermines the guts of American society. Before my wife and I left the U.S. last year, we went to Zurich to do some banking and took a side-trip to the Dachau prison camp. The Germans -- whose schoolchildren are required to visit death camps so they never forget -- had a good exhibit about how Hitler slowly accreted power with a decree here, and suspension of rights there... It was SO MUCH LIKE what Cheney is doing now.

Nobody will connect these stories from different cities around the U.S. except for perhaps some lawyers' association and smart bloggers like yourself. I appreciate you clueing me in. Another thing that makes me realise we're never going to be able to come back to a free America. Oh well, there are worse places to die than down here...

Thanks for visiting and I apologize for the troll who wants a pissing contest. He has been run off of several other blogs.

I agree with your post as Bush getting rid of judges hasn't really caught on here, but is starting to.

The more that comes out shows the true intentions of a maniac out of control.
I was quite a while with out a computer wasn't it Kay?
Oink-oink-oink... snuffle-snuffle...
Meow! MeowwwwWWRRROOWWW!
Bow-wow-wow-wow!! Growl...

(LMAO Rocky!!!! I almost pee'd my pants laughing so hard after reading this!! You crack me up!)
Yes Clif....it was hell going without my computer!!!

Man, we did have fun, back then, in the good ol' days!

All the best...
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