Friday, January 12, 2007


Too Much Condi Kool-Aid

haha this picture is priceless!!!
LOL Larry! Love it!!

Did you see Bush crying yesterday when he was 'honoring' one of our fallen? Ha! He's not crying because he feels bad that his illegal occupation has killed this guy, but rather, he's crying because the democrats are being so mean to his Cabal in these hearings!!!

He sees impeachment in his future. Ha ha.

Watch the hearings on C-SPAN 3 today and if you can't....C-SPAN 1 will reair them tonight and possibly on the weekend.

Goodmorning Bluegrrrrl! It's an honor to have you here this morning. ;-)
"so that the next pResident has to pull the survivors out of Iraq instead of you? Good night and good luck"

This is how Keith Olbermann ended his latest special comment questioning WHY Bush would choose escalation......

Keith is wrong. Bush is NOT delaying withdrawal from Iraq to place blame on the next POTUS for cutting and running, but because of his Real Agenda.
Bush's tears were probably because Condi was attacked during the Senate hearings.

Bush has refused to attend a soldiers funeral, yet he made this photo op right after his WWIII speech.

What a coincidence. Tears and all.
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