Thursday, January 18, 2007


Win The War With This Youngster

On June 9, 2006, young Andrew Rove graduated from an elite school in Washington DC. Andrew may live in an upscale neighborhood, drive an expensive sporty car but Andrew is ready for adult life to begin.

Young Andrew Rove has had heartache in his family. His grandmother committed suicide, his grandfather admitted to being gay and left the family he once knew so well.

Young Andrew does have ambitions. He is currently doing volunteer work for Texas Governor Rick Perry and he is trying to decide what he wants to do with his future.

Young Andrew has been encouraged to follow the career path of his father. In fact young Andrew's father is considered an architect.

Andrew's father never served in the Vietnam war of his era. His military draft number was drawn but he quickly enrolled in the University of Utah so he was given a deferral. In fact, shortly after enrolling in college, he withdrew from his classes, but was able to maintain his deferment.

Andrew's father is quite famous for his architect work. He could also be labeled an engineer. His father engineered his loyal stablemate to the Presidency.

Young Andrew's father is the infamous Karl Rove, who is not only considered the architect of ambition, but he is believed to have been a major architect in the creation of the Iraq war.

Andrew's father receives daily reports of the deaths and injuries from the Iraq war he helped engineer. He receives updates on the devastation that this war has caused to the Iraqi people, as well as the families of U.S soldiers.

Karl Rove is actively promoting the "surge" idea he helped create. He is working behind the scenes to twist the arms of Republican lawmakers to gain support for this war.

Karl Rove believes in war. He not only wants to continue the war in Iraq, but he also wants to spread it throughout the mideast.

The military is having trouble recruiting young people for this war. They have even forced some inactive soldiers back into the service and into Iraq.

If Karl Rove really believes Iraq war must be continued and spread abroad, then perhaps he should help reinstate the draft.

The perfect candidate for fighting the Rove/Bush/Cheney war would be young Andrew Rove. Andrew is the exact age the military is trying to recruit.

Young Andrew would make a fine example to Americans that the war is winnable and necessary. If Young Andrew were to be forced into military service and quickly into Iraq, wouldn't that send the citizens of the U.S a clear message?

If Karl Rove and George W Bush really believe that the war is vital to "National Security" and a must in the war on terror, then why not make young Andrew Rove go to the frontlines of Iraq and fight for his daddy's war, and America's freedom?

Lets take a major step and "End The War With a One Day Draft" and while we're at it, doesn't George W Bush have a couple of daughters about the same age as Andrew that have nothing better to do than fight their daddy's war in Iraq as well?

saw this at the peacetrain...believe it or not, I know Anita Perry.
That is a coincidence. Thanks for visiting the blog.
I can't remember if I saw it on C-SPAN this morning or if it was on the MSM, but someone said outloud on my television set that if this war is so noble, why aren't the Bush twins serving in it? I applauded all by myself in my livingroom (my son thinks I've lost my mind sometimes) when I heard those words!!!!

The fascists would never have their own children fight any of their wars of course. They create wars and illegal occupations SO OTHER KIDS can fight it for them.

This article was hilarious. I wish they would send the Bush girls to Iraq.
As a former company commander who lead a unit during Desert Storm, actually that is the LAST thing the troops need, some rich punk they need to watch out for and keep the weapons away from, actually it is better if fooles like Roves son, and drunks like the Bush twins just stay the spoiled brats they really are, and leave the troops alone, other wise they would end up getting a few killed, however if the military still had KP duty, they could be permanent KP's and serve there with out endangering any real soldiers.
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Would you want the troops who served under you to eat potatoes that were sliced by a spoiled fat rich kid, or a couple of slutty drunken twin druggies?
Larry, Better that then they are pulling guard duty at 3 am, or they are holding the trigger on a .50 cal machine gun and forget which way to aim it.
I wonder if Rove's kid has a large head like his daddy?

We already know the Bush girls are lushes like their parents.
Larry, is this a post from the Peace Train or is this your creation that you also posted over at the Peace Train? If so, we have to give credit where credit is due! Okay? :-) If you don't have a link, then say, "From the Peace Train's website...".

I think this is what Pinkfem is pointing out.

Thank you. ;-)

I wrote this myself and I also posted it on Peace Train as Mariamaria had asked me to start posting articles there occasionally.

This is a Larry original, for what it is worth.
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